Once again you are going to ask, “Where was your camera?”  But darn it, I was driving!

I was distracted by yet another Wackiki Weirdo as I turned off Seaside onto Kuhio — an intersection that requires focused concentration to negotiate without running over some fool who doesn’t know the red hand indicator on the light post means “stay on the curb unless you have an urgent desire to be someone’s hood ornament.”

I don’t know why I didn’t run over anybody or anything because all I was looking at was the weirdo lady in the long, black velvet strapless, form fitting evening gown.  It was a gorgeous dress on a beautiful woman, but that wasn’t what caught and held my attention.  It was an evening dress and the clock indicated it was only four in the afternoon, but that wasn’t what caught and held my attention. The lady was wearing black and white Converse high tops, but that wasn’t what caught and held my attention. What’s more, I wasn’t surprised by the gaudy beach bag she was toting, either.

What made me look once, twice and thrice was the bulky white sweatshirt.  You see, the lady was wearing a bulky, white sweatshirt with the sleeves scrunched up to her elbows, and she was wearing the form-fitting, strapless, black velvet evening dress over it.