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Once again you are going to ask, “Where was your camera?”  But darn it, I was driving!

I was distracted by yet another Wackiki Weirdo as I turned off Seaside onto Kuhio — an intersection that requires focused concentration to negotiate without running over some fool who doesn’t know the red hand indicator on the light post means “stay on the curb unless you have an urgent desire to be someone’s hood ornament.”

I don’t know why I didn’t run over anybody or anything because all I was looking at was the weirdo lady in the long, black velvet strapless, form fitting evening gown.  It was a gorgeous dress on a beautiful woman, but that wasn’t what caught and held my attention.  It was an evening dress and the clock indicated it was only four in the afternoon, but that wasn’t what caught and held my attention. The lady was wearing black and white Converse high tops, but that wasn’t what caught and held my attention. What’s more, I wasn’t surprised by the gaudy beach bag she was toting, either.

What made me look once, twice and thrice was the bulky white sweatshirt.  You see, the lady was wearing a bulky, white sweatshirt with the sleeves scrunched up to her elbows, and she was wearing the form-fitting, strapless, black velvet evening dress over it.


  1. Now that is weird, about the only thing that would make it weirder (is that a word?) is, She was here in Calgary with the -13°C or -24°C with the Windchill (9°F or -11°F). As for folks ignoring the Big Bright Red Hand that says stay on the curb, it happens everywhere and especially in Calgary.

    Stay warm, and watch out for the weird folks.

  2. phew, i should be sitting next to you clicking away (oh, wait a minute – i don’t shoot humans… ah, whatever) rather than rotting in this wretched wet place where the only colour still existing is grey… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  3. Quilly, babe, have mercy. The poor woman was cold! I mean, it didn’t even make it to 80 F (27 C) in Honolulu yesterday. My whole lab staff’s decked out in hoodies. I’m surprised they haven’t asked me to hand out mittens. They’re all going around chanting “Global what?!?” Sad thing, for a laboratory of oceanography …

  4. That sounds like a strong fashion statement to me.
    Maybe she’ll start a trend, and you’ll find yourself wearing that same thing a year from now.
    Or not.

  5. Sounds like the “underpinnings” of a great short story or play. The whole image is peculiar but the sweatshirt under the dress really is odd. Even I (horrendously lacking in style) wouldn’t do that.

  6. I just want to know why? I have been thinking of all the possible reasons. Then there is how. the dress tight and the sweatshirt bulky, how did she get the dress over the sweatshirt?

  7. GEL — glad you enjoyed.

    Lisa — oh, the fashion Dive is stumped — thank God!

    Cath — really, really weird.

    Bill — that particular intersection has tourists streaming from every corner at all hours of the day. Near misses (and occasional hits) are an every minute occurrence there.

    Juliana — just consider her a mannequin and click!

    Exbor — so do I. Won’t go away ….

    Jill — then in a rare show of uncharitable feeling, I hope she fails.

    Amoeba, my love, whatever would these islanders do during a winter in Northern Idaho, or Maine?

    Cindy — you know, come to think of it ….

    Melli — and that’s just the Congressmen ….

    Nessa — perhaps trying to get my blog to appear on her Reader?

    Dr. John — maybe they just wouldn’t fit in her closet?

    JD — you can guarantee that I will NOT.

    Raven — i would make an interesting story detail, wouldn’t it? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ….

    Betty — maybe the dress was too big and she had to wear the sweatshirt to make it fit?

  8. By sweatshirt, I’m assuming you mean a big, bulky, fleece-lined top that generally goes OVER things. Hmmm…

    I could see how the look could work with a tight wool sweater, but a bulky top? *shakes head*

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