The X-Files: Office Version 1.1

At work I am clearing out the 2008 files and getting them put away in some semblance of order, and I discover a file named:

Z – Miscellaneous.


I open it and find:

Xerox invoices.


Of course.


I am surprised my predecessor didn’t file everything under S


…. for stupid.

Rocket Science 101

My job is data entry and filing — mostly 1, 2, 3, and A, B, C stuff.  Nothing too complicated, but even so, I am about the 5th person in the job in as many months.  The others couldn’t seem to keep their Ps and their Qs — or any other letters of the alphabet — in logical order.

Today I was looking for a file — this is one of the major time wasters on my job, looking for something that should be easy to find but for some reason isn’t where a practical, thinking person would have left it — and I came across yet another file out of place.  (After a couple months on the job this is happening less and less frequently.)

I found a payment receipt for Aloha Flowers & Leis filed in the D drawer.  At first this made no sense, but after a second glance it all became clear:

Of course it was in the D file drawer.
The order was for Dendrobium Leis.