By Any Other Name

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find monogrammed anything with my name on it — or that I can have my name put on? I have been trying for years and if I find a place with decent quality merchandise, they usually only take names with 7 – 10 letters, and since I want a gold necklace and I want it to read “Quilldancer”, you know I haven’t had much luck.

Until today. I found Max & Chloe  and they have the necklace of my dreams. Since I am a one-of-a-kind person, I deserve a one-of-kind necklace. If you feel the same way about yourself and have been searching for high-end, personalized jewelry, I suggest you peruse MaxAndChloe.Com. They have a stunning array of personalized necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings and you can order them in a variety of precious metals.

Copper is Classy

I have a friend who wears copper earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even a copper chain-link belt. She swears it has healing powers. Further more, she says it is the reason she no longer suffers from arthritis. Whether you believe it has curative powers or not, you have to admit that copper is a beautiful metal. I love the look of copper jewelry against sun tanned skin. It looks classy yet just a touch primitive at the same time. Copper speaks to me of wild spirits and mysterious depths.

Which camp are you in? Do you think there is a curative Copper Bracelet Arthritis relationship, or do you think it is just wishful thinking? If you believe in the curative properties of copper, I would love you to share your stories in the comments.

Whichever side of the copper debate you support,  you may still want to check out and oogle their jewelry — handmade copper bracelets and much more.  The site has a lot of beautiful pieces and a good many of them sell for less than $20.00.  Not only that, shipping is free worldwide.

A Christmas Tag

Attention Thom:

I want to be tagged!  Tag Heuer has been making precision Swedish watches for 150 years. I have been having trouble keeping track of time lately and I am thinking perhaps you should get me one of these.  When you call, I always seem to be a day late and running around in circles.  What do you think?  Will a new watch make me better organized?

To Everyone Else:

Thom was giving me a ration [again] this morning.  I think he has a spy camera in my house because he calls every morning about 3 minutes after I wake.  He immediately starts rattling off questions or directions and cracks up laughing and/or heckles me when I don’t understand or can’t answer coherently. Then he demands to know what time it is.  I never know.

So, I’m thinking  a Tag Heuer watch would be just perfect — and Thom can pay for it.  That way when he calls me up just to ask what time it is, I can look at my wrist and say, “According to the watch you bought me, it’s too flippin’ early for this call!”  Right?  Right!

Tag, Thom.  You’re IT!

Eternity Diamonds

Have you ever heard of a jewelry store that will let you try before you buy? Eternity Diamonds will! You pick out your ring — or several rings! — and Eternity Diamonds will ship you — postage paid — replicas so you can try before you buy. Then, when you’re ready, you order the genuine ring and return the replica.

Even more amazing, Eternity Diamonds offers a satisfaction guaranteed 30 day exchange or refund policy (once again with free shipping) and, within that same amount of time,  if you find the same ring on another website at a better price, Eternity Diamonds will refund you 110% of the difference.  Oh, and they offer that same guarantee if they put the ring on sale within 30 days of your purchase!  Shipping is free (yes, Eternity Diamonds ships internationally) and there is no sales tax on your order unless you live in New York State.

What I appreciate most about Eternity Diamonds — besides their absolutely gorgeous jewelry — is that they well only “no conflict” diamonds.  Eternity Diamonds guarantees that their diamonds do not come from sources who participate in human rights violations, child labor, violence, or disrespect for the environment.  Further, they do not buy diamonds from governments or groups who sell diamonds to fund warfare or other violent conflicts.