Bridging The Gap

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Makaha Stream Bridge at Farrington Highway

Makaha Stream Bridge at Farrington Highway

Tuesday I pictured for you the bridge over Makaha Stream at the head end.  This is the bridge that crosses the mouth of Makaha stream  I took this photo just before sundown, as you can see in the pinkening clouds and the spotlight of sun hitting the east end of the bridge.

If you biggie the photo, you can see the ultra high rent housing development just east of Sensible Acres, where we live.   From up here on our mountainside we can see over all the brush and trees and right down here to the ocean.

*   *   *

The job interview went well.  I know she had two other people to see, but she told me to expect to be called back for a second interview.  We will see. I feel good about my presentation of self.