Contemplating Tutoring

I wanted to say thank you again to everyone for the guidance offered on my first tutoring post. I did say thank you at the bottom of the comments, but I don’t know how many of you saw it.

It turns out that libraries are an option, schools are an option, and church is an option. If I were to work out of my own home, I would need different home insurance. I would also most likely need to hire an aide, and it would probably take the majority of my profits to pay her, so that is out.

The need for this tutoring was brought to my attention by a school administrator, so I am ahead there — except that June ends her career at the school and she is moving on to a church based ministry. Plus, she is relatively new in town and — although she didn’t say so — is very hesitant about jumping up to champion me. I am an unknown quality. Things move slower in small towns.

I was talking to the director of the labs (here where Amoeba works) the other day. He said he has lived here 30 years and is barely considered an islander. He is NOT considered a local. His sons, who were born here, are local so lend their dad legitimacy. Since I am never going to have any kids, I have a long way to go. (Actually, as both Amoeba and the director pointed out, now there are so many off-islanders living year round on the island, that the need to be local isn’t as restrictive as it once was. )

So, I have some research to do on reading disorders and some decisions to make, but not until after next week — which we will be spending in Massachusetts for Amoeba’s mother’s 80th birthday. Thank you for your advice and keeping me in your prayers.