Project Green With Envy

Project Green began with Anna of Anna Carson’s Photography.


You know that I’ve arrived home after work just as the peacock is ending his courtship dance. You’ve seen those photos. Well, the past couple of mornings OC has driven right by a peacock with his fan on display. I say anxious and excited things about stopping the car, and OC says boring and logical things about getting to work on time. Sometimes that man’s priorities truly boggle the mind!

This afternoon I left work 15 minutes earlier than I usually do, so I caught an earlier bus which got me home a half hour sooner than usual — and just in time for the mating dance. I dropped to one knee, whipped my camera out and started clicking.

He choses the hen he wants to dazzle, and the dance commences.

He waves his fan forward and back
while doing a hip shimmy hula dancers likely envy.
That’s why the photo is blurry,
the movement was too quick for my fastest shutter speed.

The hen appears to be losing interest.
He decides to step things up.

He danced and twirled like a ballerina,
revealing his lovelorn heart and other bits of anatomy.

The hen walked away without even one last glance over her shoulder.

Would you have left this?

(He dresses so much better than I!)



Me, looking through the mirror.
Please try not to notice my wind combed hair.

Project Looking Through originated with Mark,
who claims to have a Regular Life.


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