Mixed Greens: Project Green Finale

A blast from the past. Being a Jill of many trades, I know my way around a toolbox, and I probably shouldn’t confess, but when fraternizing with the opposite sex, I have spent more time under the hood then in the back seat. Honey, hand me that five-eights socket and the ratchet, please.

A glimpse of yet another University of Hawaii at Monoa site:



This Korean Temple is a symbol of cooperation and peace between East and West.

And a rerun of one of my favorite photos. This was taken in the fall at dusk on the edge of Friday harbor in the San Juan Islands.

And a story from my classroom:
Kevin of the Green & Blue

For weeks now Kevin has gotten the colors green and blue mixed up. No matter what strategy I tried, he just couldn’t tell them apart. Today I called him to the work table and pulled out the color lessons again. I was expecting the same old same old. I picked up a crayon — green — and asked, “Kevin, what color is this?”

He grinned wide and bright. “Green.” He said.

“Green!” I repeated, with my own matching smile. “You’re right! Have you been practicing?”

“Yep!” He said, then he dug all of the other shades of green out of the crayon box. After showing them to me, he said, “Now for blue!” And out they came too!

When asked, “Please hand me …” Kevin can now identify all of his colors! When asked, “What color is this?” And shown an item, he still confuses black and brown, but he’s not expected to have that distinction down pat until Kindergarten, which is next year. (But we still have several weeks to work on it this year!)

Aloha Project Green
It’s been fun!

Once again — here is my own project announcement: commencing May 1st and running 26 days, I will be doing Alphabet Photos. Day one is A. Day two is B. Day three is C. Etc. (Just what did you expect from a Pre-K teacher?!) I would love it if you would join me! Please, please say you will!

Project Green: Classroom Style


Project Green began with Anna of Anna Carson’s Photography.

My tired tootsies, cooling on the green tile floor,
shoe-less and resting in the aftermath of a field trip.

K.K.’s favorite crayons.
I don’t know why he chose three greens,
but I am glad he did!

And from the shorelines all around Oahu —

A Tsunami Warning Siren.

These sirens are tested monthly (I wonder if the bird knows that yet?) The first of April when the sirens went off, I was standing outside near a line of 1st graders. One child, excited, exclaimed, “What is that? What is that?” Another child answered matter-of-factly, “Oh don’ worry. Is jus’ the Suetommy siren. My momma tol’ me.”

AND — incase you were wondering where I was today …

We went swimming in a lagoon, teased some coral dwellers, ate in an outdoor restaurant, watched some whales, and enjoyed a sunset on Sunset Beach.

Here is a view of the rock and coral wall that forms the barrier around the lagoon. If you look closely, you can see a bit of water pouring over the wall.

Project Green: The Camera Walk


Project Green began with Anna of Anna Carson’s Photography.

Since my students went squirrelly on me and all they do is cry and temper tantrum, I am very happy I found all these photo blogs. I don’t know what this place might have become without them. Not only am I getting something to post, I am taking Photo Walks and getting a bit more exercise!

Of course this one, I took right here in our own home:

We don’t know who this pretty is going to be. She had no labels and no blossoms. What she did have was a fabulously cheap price, so we brought her home and placed her beside the orchid we already had.

I also took this next shot in our own home. This little beauty lives on our postage stamp lanai.

Her tag said “Cherry Tomatoes”. If it is to be trusted, these will definitely be generously sized “cherries”. I’ll keep you, ah, posted on their development.

And here is our dining room — the only decorated room in the condo. You can tell my priorities!

Please note the orchids, the air fern in the sea shell, and the overall elegance of this table. It is amazing what one can do with very little if one is willing to shop bargain-bins and close-out sales. This green scene didn’t take a lot of dead green presidents to put together, and I think I am more proud of it than I would have been if it had.

I spotted this site at the end of my walk — right near the the foot of the staircase leading to our condo.

And this shot is just because I loved the way the sun and shadow dressed this fella up. He is an ancient Volkswagen Beetle in need of repair. That seat you see inside is actually crooked. All the seats are jumbled up inside the belly of this little beast. He was once a racer and has chromed duel exhausts protruding from his trunk. If we ever have “Project Rust” I’ll get a shot for you!

Speaking of which — here is my own project announcement. Commencing May 1st and running 26 days, I will be doing Alphabet Photos. Day one is A. Day two is B. Day three is C. Etc. (Just what did you expect from a Pre-K teacher?!) I would love it if you would join me! Please, please say you will!

Project Green With Envy

Project Green began with Anna of Anna Carson’s Photography.


You know that I’ve arrived home after work just as the peacock is ending his courtship dance. You’ve seen those photos. Well, the past couple of mornings OC has driven right by a peacock with his fan on display. I say anxious and excited things about stopping the car, and OC says boring and logical things about getting to work on time. Sometimes that man’s priorities truly boggle the mind!

This afternoon I left work 15 minutes earlier than I usually do, so I caught an earlier bus which got me home a half hour sooner than usual — and just in time for the mating dance. I dropped to one knee, whipped my camera out and started clicking.

He choses the hen he wants to dazzle, and the dance commences.

He waves his fan forward and back
while doing a hip shimmy hula dancers likely envy.
That’s why the photo is blurry,
the movement was too quick for my fastest shutter speed.

The hen appears to be losing interest.
He decides to step things up.

He danced and twirled like a ballerina,
revealing his lovelorn heart and other bits of anatomy.

The hen walked away without even one last glance over her shoulder.

Would you have left this?

(He dresses so much better than I!)



Me, looking through the mirror.
Please try not to notice my wind combed hair.

Project Looking Through originated with Mark,
who claims to have a Regular Life.


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