Jones Tofurkey & Gravy Soda

If you wish people to follow, first you must lead.

I boldly and bravely began the taste test. I tossed the Jones’s Tofurkey & Gravy Soda back and …

1 C Tastes

… froze. I could neither swallow nor spit. I was just there, waiting for my body to decide (my brain had already signed off on the project) whether I was going to process or reject this offering.  Finally, I swallowed.

3 C reaction

Then I smiled, relieved to once again be in control of my physical responses. Who’s next?

4 C whos next


Jeff (Mr. OJM) actually volunteered — with great enthusiasm — to be the next victim taste tester. In fact, he was so enthusiastic, he had his shot of soda down before the camera focused — but I did catch his reaction.

1 Jeff's reaction

Don’t be fooled by that hat on his head. It might be a turkey, but Jeff is pure ham. He loves mugging for the camera. To get his real reaction, I offered him more. This was his response:

2 J want more


Lavon (OJM) donned the hat, took the cup, smelled the soda, and changed her mind. I wouldn’t take the cup back. Finally she tasted …

1 L changed mind

Then spent a few moments clearly trying to decide how we’d react if she spit it out.

2 L can I spit

Flavor Fail!

3 L flavor fail


Amoeba donned the hat and sat for a moment staring at his cup. I had the feeling he was mourning his dignity.

A 1 dignity

Suddenly he tossed the contents of the cup into his mouth, shook his head, then favored me with this …

2 A get it over

I will get even someday

3 A get even later


Everybody at the party tasted the soda, but the other guests declined to be photographed or discussed on the blog. Even so, a good time was had by all.


Thanks IZEA, for the bottle of Jones Tofurkey & Gravy Soda and the turkey hat. All this fun couldn’t have happened without you!