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Jones Tofurkey & Gravy Soda

If you wish people to follow, first you must lead.

I boldly and bravely began the taste test. I tossed the Jones’s Tofurkey & Gravy Soda back and …

1 C Tastes

… froze. I could neither swallow nor spit. I was just there, waiting for my body to decide (my brain had already signed off on the project) whether I was going to process or reject this offering.  Finally, I swallowed.

3 C reaction

Then I smiled, relieved to once again be in control of my physical responses. Who’s next?

4 C whos next


Jeff (Mr. OJM) actually volunteered — with great enthusiasm — to be the next victim taste tester. In fact, he was so enthusiastic, he had his shot of soda down before the camera focused — but I did catch his reaction.

1 Jeff's reaction

Don’t be fooled by that hat on his head. It might be a turkey, but Jeff is pure ham. He loves mugging for the camera. To get his real reaction, I offered him more. This was his response:

2 J want more


Lavon (OJM) donned the hat, took the cup, smelled the soda, and changed her mind. I wouldn’t take the cup back. Finally she tasted …

1 L changed mind

Then spent a few moments clearly trying to decide how we’d react if she spit it out.

2 L can I spit

Flavor Fail!

3 L flavor fail


Amoeba donned the hat and sat for a moment staring at his cup. I had the feeling he was mourning his dignity.

A 1 dignity

Suddenly he tossed the contents of the cup into his mouth, shook his head, then favored me with this …

2 A get it over

I will get even someday

3 A get even later


Everybody at the party tasted the soda, but the other guests declined to be photographed or discussed on the blog. Even so, a good time was had by all.


Thanks IZEA, for the bottle of Jones Tofurkey & Gravy Soda and the turkey hat. All this fun couldn’t have happened without you!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, even if it doesn´t sound like it tasted all that good! 🙂 Anything for a good laugh, right? 🙂

    1. Jim — Ella is on her way to Virgina. I expect she’s having a lovely rest in her shipping crate. And as for what I’m going to do next, Thom & I are cooking something up together.

  2. For some reason I’m glad I didn’t have to try that and it was all gone or, should I say i refused to taste it when at your house yesterday. Thanks for the great day yesterday. Twas fun 🙂

  3. I am now sooooooooooooo glad that I wasn’t AT your Turkey Day feast! LOL!!! I DO wish I could have done my own though! I know for certain that Derek would not have tasted… but I think the rest of the family would have been in on it! This was GREAT Quilly!

    1. Melli — I saw a kid in the grocery store wearing the turkey hat and asked him where he got it. He told me. I immediately drove to the store he indicated — and the manager said the kid was right. They had sold the turkey hats — LAST YEAR! I’m so sorry. I thought I had one for you.

      Then I had an idea. If you want to be ready for next year, click here: Raw Turkey Hat

  4. We have different ideas of what’s fun. 🙂 But it makes for a great blog post! I was surprised not to see Thom in the line-up but sounds like he missed or declined it.

    LOL at Amoeba’s “get even” smile.

    1. Barbara — Thom did not have Thanksgiving Dinner at my house. He ate with his own family. He did stop by in the afternoon, but we hadn’t gotten the soda out yet and it was just popping in to say hi to Lavon & Tim. (And Amoeba & I, of course.)

  5. Glad you had a great day, but wow, that soda sounds VILE. You have to wonder why they’d put money into developing something that no one is likely going to drink. Ever.


    Hrm. Wonder what this announcement is… staying tuned 😉

    1. Jenn — that soda makes Jones a lot of money! Unopened, they are collector’s items. We, of course, opened ours. AND, a couple of times in the past I have bought the stuff and taken it to school and shared it with my students!

      1. Polona — it really didn’t taste all that bad. It smelled like turkey & gravy, though. That made tasting it a little more difficult. However, it really didn’t taste bad — it just didn’t taste good.

    1. Gigi — LOL! Everybody at the party tasted — starting with me, but three of our guests declined to do so “for the record”.

  6. ROTFL
    Amoeba was mourning his loss of dignity? I think he lost that the moment he donned the hat! LOL
    Did *anyone* like that stuff? The drink, not the hat! The hat is actually kind of cute 😀
    I don’t mind being blogged, and I’d even wear the hat, but I don’t think I could let such a disgusting and vile drink pass my lips.

    1. Karen — I agree — Amoeba was mouring the loss of dignity the hat represented. He was staring at the cup of soda wondering if he was about to compound the indignities!

      And, the drink wasn’t disgusting or vile (it also wasn’t good). It tasted like fizzy sugar water — however it did smell like turkey & gravy.

  7. It looks like so much fun! Many thanks to everyone who was willing to be blogged, and share the grins.

    I’m very impressed that Amoeba wore a shirt that would match the turkey hat — so much style!

    Ella’s on her way to WEST Virginia, West-by-God-Virginia, if she’s going to my daughter’s house. I’m still trying to talk my daughter into photographing her so we can blog her stay there… kids! I’ll keep trying.

  8. This was really a lot of fun to see everybody’s expressions. What a fun post! I’m glad I didn’t have to drink it but just watch all of you brave people take the taste.

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