Finally Rain

It has been horrifically hot and still here.   Temps in the 90s, 68+% humidity and no breeze.  One could pretty much sit perfectly still and melt into a puddle of oozing sweat.

Yesterday afternoon bits of breeze kept flirting with the curtains, but refused to commit.  Finally, just after sundown, the breeze became a gentle wind and fluffed my curtains.  As midnight neared the clouds opened and it began to rain.  I took myself off to bed listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof.

This morning the wind is still with us and it is still raining.  The skies are gray from horizon to horizon.  After being too hot to move or breathe for the entire past week, I am now almost feeling a chill.  I hope the cooler temps have come to stay for awhile.  The weatherman promises it will be like this all week.

This morning it will be wonderful to sit in worship enjoying the breeze and the rain .  The sanctuary sits inside a walled garden.  The sanctuary’s  north and south walls are actually rows of sliding glass doors.  They are always open during service.   We worship God while surrounded by his beauty.  This morning we will all be extra grateful for the rain.

We have been wanting, hoping, even praying for cooler temps.  And we are rejoicing.   Except …. Amoeba has a concert this afternoon at Miliani Towne Center.  An outside concert.  In the rain.

Amoeba and his trumpet will be fine on the bandstand under the roof.  The rest of us in the open air courtyard might get just a bit damp. I hope we get there early enough that I can find a table on the patio of the Mexican restaurant.  Live music accompanied by rain sounds wonderful — if I can stay dry.

We humans, never happy with what we get.

And I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll —

— make certain you have no internet at all.

We expect we’ll land in Kansas any time now.  We’re in the midst of a major wind storm.  It has made the internet erratic and undependable at best.  There is a high wind advisory in effect and isn’t scheduled to be lifted until 6 p.m. tomorrow evening.

The wind is wet and chilly.  Hawaii has had record lows this winter.   Even OC put on his wind breaker today when he went out to catch the bus.  One day of cycling into 50 mile an hour winds was enough exercise for him for the week.

So, I don’t know when this will post — the net blinks on and off like Christmas lights — or when I’ll get to be back on line without great frustration and cussing.  I’m trying to get everyone visited but it’s slow going!

Weather Woes

It has been bleak and gray here.  The weather has given us more reason to stay in than go out.  Ella hasn’t complained.  I thought she was content with the Internet, 77 channels on TV, and dozens of videos to choose from, but apparently not.  Today when I returned from the grocery store, this sight greeted me.

Caged Ella Phlint Longs For Freedom

Caged, Ella Phlint Longs For Freedom

Wet Diversity

As I said, I love Hawaii.

Here one can stand in the sunshine and the rain at the same time. I took this photo the other day at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. (Click here for larger image.) You can see the rain falling and the sun shining on the green leaves and the building beyond.

I took this picture from our lanai just before sunset on January 1st. You can actually see the rays of sunshine competing with the rain. (Click here for larger image.) I stepped outside and held out my hands. Rain fell into my right hand. My left hand remained dry. I was standing half in and half out of the rain shower. That is not an uncommon phenomena here in the Rainbow State — where liquid sunshine falls almost every day of the year.

The rain is warm and soft. Even so, we carry umbrellas with us every where we go. In a state with an almost constant humidity level of 80% or higher, once one’s clothing gets wet it tends to stay wet all day — and in air conditioned buildings that can get a bit uncomfortable.


Speaking of being just a bit uncomfortable, I would like you to picture a church choir heavily populated with geriatrics. Once you have that image firmly in mind I would like you to click here, and read . . . .


Oh, and that sunset photo?


I took the photos below on the University of Hawaii campus. OC said he had something to do in his lab that would take about 20 minutes. I took my camera and disappeared for 45 minutes. Even so, I returned too early. I was unsurprised to find him still working. His concept of “20 minutes” and mine vary greatly.

I entered his lab full of enthusiasm over the exotic plants I’d found and I began chattering about the glorious orchid trees. OC said, “You mean the one just out the door and to the left?” I agreed. He informed me that I’d been snapping photos of Tulip trees. African Tulip Trees.

Okay. I didn’t argue with him. He’s the botanist, right? (Keep in mind he also doesn’t know how to tell time.)

I brought the photos home, downloaded them, trimmed them, named them and saved them — only to be corrected later and told that they are not African Tulip Trees, but are instead . . .

. . . Hong Kong Orchid Trees.

This is a Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

This is a Hong Kong Orchid.

Sorry it’s a bit blurry, the wind was blowing and the dang thing wouldn’t stay still — not even when I took my umbrella to it! Just the same, I thought those of you shivering in the snow and ice while dreaming fondly of Spring might like a bouquet of flowers.