Yikes! & Off She Goes

Ella has gotten into a plane and flown away. Here are a couple of highlights from her last day here — we went out on the town (Waikiki, of course).

Ella Meets and Greets, eh, Eats.

Ella Meets and Greets Eats.

She found, being short, it was difficult to get people’s attention, but fairly easy to climb up on the coffee table in the lounge and eat all the cheese pizza appetizers.

After the meet and greet we went out on the town. Ella got very excited when she saw the dolphin and asked it for a ride. It obliged.

Ella Rides a Dolphin

Ella Rides a Dolphin

Then, while we were out and about in Waikiki, she met a man sitting quietly on a bench reading a newspaper while folks all around took pictures of him. You know how Ella loves attention. She climbed right up next to him and took a small piece of his fame — or perhaps gave him some of hers.

Ella Meets a Mime

She had a blast in Waikiki, but we had to get home to bed so she could get her beauty sleep.  She was speaking the next day at PodCamp/WordCamp Hawaii 2008.  Here she is, speaking from the podium.

Ella Speaks at WordCamp

Ella Speaks at WordCamp

Afterward she had her photo taken with a couple of very young fans, then we had to run.  She was so tuckered out when it was time to go, she curled up in her travel kennel and went right to sleep.  I predict she doesn’t wake up until she reaches Texas.