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#102 — Comes the Storm

Comes the Storm, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

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3 Responses to “#102 — Comes the Storm”

  1. polona says:

    looks a bit menacing but great mood! love it.

  2. Quilly says:

    Luckily, it crept up that ridge line you see following the far shore and, other than a bit of fine mist, never came across the bay to us. Later another storm passed out at sea, but except for a few stray drops here and there, we stayed dry and even enjoyed occasional bits of sun.

  3. Quilly says:

    Oh! As to the closer landscape — I loved this. Here you see a strangler fig enveloping a rock wall and the grass trying to reclaim the earth buried by a terrace from what must have one been a very grand estate, but is now city land.