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#190 — Kuli'ou'ou Valley, Koolau Mountains

Kuliouou Valley, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

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5 Responses to “#190 — Kuli'ou'ou Valley, Koolau Mountains”

  1. polona says:

    for some reason i find this pic funny (meant as a compliment, of course)

  2. Quilly says:

    Perhaps it’s the surfboard in what appears to be a cloud ridden jungle. Around here, rain doesn’t stop the surfing. Wet is wet and it’s all pretty much the same temperature — about 75 degrees F.

  3. Nicole says:

    Yepp, the surfboard combined with the mountains makes one look again.
    Great catch.
    And I love the fog rolling in over the mountains.

    I’ve added you to the hunt, merry welcome and have fun 😀

  4. Quilly says:

    I was going to crop the surfer from the pic, but I thought he added interest!

  5. Nicole says:

    It most def. does 🙂