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#195 — Reflections

Reflections, originally uploaded by quilldancer.

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5 Responses to “#195 — Reflections”

  1. polona says:

    am i hallucinating or does this look familiar?
    still a beautiful shot, though

  2. Quilly says:

    It should look familiar. I recently made a photo album for a family member, and pulled out a few of my good photos from the past. Don’t worry, you won’t see too many repeats.

  3. polona says:

    oh, i don’t mind a repeat or three if they are as good as this one 😉

  4. Brooke says:

    I want to live there!

  5. Quilly says:

    This is in Kona (on Hawaii Island) and is a reproduction of King David Kalakaua’s beach house. It is on the grounds of Keauhou Beach Resort.