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#266 Maple Sunshine

Maple Sunshine

Maple Sunshine, 2009
photo taken in Lime Kiln Park, San Juan Island, WA

If I was asked to describe the colors of happiness, to me it would be the green of Maple leaves against a Summer blue sky. I took this shot while sitting in the shade cooling off. The sun patterns on the leaves intrigued me. They still do.

Photographer: Charlene L. Amsden
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13 Responses to “#266 Maple Sunshine”

  1. Carver says:

    That’s a wonderful shot. Maple trees do have the most beautiful leaves in the summer and then also in the fall when it’s like they are on fire.

  2. Gattina says:

    The greens are more interesting then the blue sky ! If you love green as a color, you should go to England. I have never seen so many green shades in my whole life as a painter ! they are uncountable. The grass looks greener, the trees have different green shades the bushes again too. It was just amazing. Green is not my favourite color, but I started to like it !

  3. Nicole says:

    I have never seen a maple tree.
    Those leaves are beautiful and so is your photo.

  4. quilly says:

    Carver — welcome! I haven’t seen you since our photo challenge days. I agree with your Maple leaves in fall comment, unfortunately we won’t be in Washington State this fall to watch this one turn, and such things don’t happen here in Hawaii.

    Gattina — I would love to visit England someday.

    Nicole — maybe someday you will see a Maple tree up close and personal. You travel a lot, so the possibility is there.

  5. Ebie says:

    I love the green but it would be wonderful to see the changing folliage in the Fall. I love the way the sky creeping through the leaves!

  6. fishing guy says:

    Quilly: What a neat look at the sky through the Maple leaves.

  7. Gemma says:

    This lighting through the leaves is so very beautiful! The whole image would make a great design on a piece of material!

  8. jennifer says:

    I love that shot! You photo feels both warm and cool.

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend in the shade!

  9. quilly says:

    Ebie — I do miss seeing the changing seasons. Well, except for Winter. I’m not too fond of slush and ice and dirty snow.

    Fishing Guy — I’m glad you liked it.

    Gemma — oh, wow. Wouldn’t it though? Kind of a batik effect would be cool.

    Jennifer — alas, I am many thousands of miles away from that shade, and here staying cool has been difficult. 90 degrees F at 90% humidity makes for a steam bath.

  10. Pearl Maple says:

    Well Done!
    This is a fabulous photo, it feel like summer to me.

  11. quilly says:

    Pearl =– hmm, something about your name made me think you’d like this photo!

  12. Barb says:

    Hi Quilly, I, too, love Maple trees – so green and shady in summer and so beautiful in fall. My friend was just in the San Juans for a wedding – she loved it there.

  13. Sally in WA says:

    The San Juans are a beautiful place to visit. I like the lighting in this photo.

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂