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Life Through My Lens

#247 Surf’s Up

| July 26, 2009

Wind, surf and sea off Waikiki. Queen Kapiolani Park, Honolulu, HI. Waikiki — what vacationer doesn’t dream of surfing there?  On this particular day the waves were up, the wind was high and the sun was shining.  I sat on the seawall in Queen Kapiolani Park with my 200 mm lens and shot surfing scenes […]

#246 — Lamb's Tail

| July 16, 2009

Lamb’s Tail, taken at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, Anacortes, WA. The delicate, feather like fronds of this beauty caught my eye.  I snapped the photograph not knowing what it was, but luckily I live with a card carrying botanist and — though he didn’t know what it was, either — he knew where to go […]

#245 — Cormorant Condo

| July 15, 2009

Cormorant Condo 2009. Photo taken at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, Anacortes, WA. from the back of an outbound ferry. One of the best pieces of advice I have been given as an amateur photographer is, “be sure to turn around and look behind you”.   This sight doesn’t present itself to the forward facing passenger on […]

#244 — San Juan Sunset

| July 14, 2009

San Juan Sunset 2009. Photo taken from the deck of a Washington State Ferry on Puget Sound. The natural beauty of Puget Sound is a balm to my soul. There is a peace and a quiet that settles inside me there.  I have vacationed there twice and I think it is a place I could […]

#243 — Cowbird

| July 13, 2009

Cowbird 2009.  Photo taken somewhere in Central Washington. I’d parked the rental car in a rest area between Ellensburg and Moses Lake, Washington and got out to stretch my legs. I walked around for a bit, read the tourist info signs, and then returned to my car.   This cowbird swooped down, landed about 6 feet […]

#242 — Desert Daisies

| July 12, 2009

Desert Daisies 2009. Photo taken at the Vantage, Washington scenic overlook on the East side of the Columbia River. Despite its namesake, parts of the Columbia River Basin are hot and dry and dusty. These flowers grew and blossomed among sage brush and rocks, but they could not sustain life in the relentless sun and […]

#241 — Strawflower

| July 11, 2009

Strawflower 2009. Photo taken at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal, Anacortes, WA. This little golden beauty grew in a pot at the end of the sidewalk. It shared space with several of it’s brothers and sisters, some flashy Lamb’s Tail Joey, and a few Petunias.

#240 — Sunny

| July 10, 2009

This beauty grows in my Aunt Vera’s garden. She posed prettily for me so I could take her pic. I do not know her formal name — although I was told. I just call her Sunny.

#239 — Sweet Wild Rose

| July 9, 2009

Cluster of Wild Roses 2009. These beauties also grow in my Aunt Vera’s yard. The bush grows wild and free and has gotten so large over the years that the garden path no longer passes by it, but instead detours around it.

#238 — Teasel

| July 8, 2009

Teasel 2009. Weeds need love, too.  This is probably one of my favorite photographs.  I knew it would be when I framed the shot.  This gorgeous plant, almost as tall as I am, is as fierce as it is beautiful and arms itself with vicious spikes.  In days past, the plant’s spiky flower was dried […]