Gift Etiquette

The Grownups Wanted Us Dead, but sometimes we could out smart them:

>My friend Charlotte’s dog had puppies. They were the cutest little Beagle babies ever born. I wanted one. Gram said, “No!” It was her firm, under no uncertain terms, no. The one there is really no point in arguing with — so I didn’t. Instead, I …

Two days in a row I treat you to a story. Don’t go getting used to this.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Today is my sister, Jackie’s, birthday. Please go serenade her.

6 thoughts on “Gift Etiquette

  1. you are a wonderful writer and story teller. why haven’t you written a bunch of books yet? you are a natural and amazing…

    you are also a great sister, thank you for being who you are.

    i love you.

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