Cosmetically Yours

Perhaps it was because, The Grownups Wanted Us Dead, that my cousin Rumble and I behaved the way we did. We were emulating our elders and rehearsing for the day we would be grownups ourselves. Rumble and I practiced the art of torture through the innovative use of many common, ordinary weapons things — like eyeshadow.

Rumble loved his car. I don’t know why. It was a banged up beater. A Dodge Dart well past the age of darting anywhere. Still, he washed it, petted it, polished it and praised it. Most days — since my car was really Gram’s car — Rumble drove me to college. He sometimes took my friends Carla and Susan as well. He provided me with a key to the trunk of his car so I could switch out books between classes, but he refused to supply me with a key to the door. He said he didn’t trust me — bad mistake. By not trusting me, he gave me permission to be untrustworthy. I mean, it wasn’t like I was going to disappoint him, right?

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6 thoughts on “Cosmetically Yours

  1. LOL! Shoot! I left the comment over on the story! Oh well — I’ll say it here too — even if ya had to walk home, I think YOU got the BEST of this deal! ROFL!

  2. Melli — I don’t care which blog you comment on; one, the other or both. Just comment. And if you think I got the best of him this week, you will love the next installment!

  3. Silver — Happy Easter to you — and all.

    Dr. John — like you, I just want a cooment. You may leave it either place and make me happy. Sorry I haven’t been by your place. My company is keeping me too busy to even monitor my own blog much.

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