Heart & Hands of Jesus

The kids celebrated my birthday today at Sidewalk Sunday School. They sang their traditional horrible and squeaky rendition of, Happy Birthday, and Brandon, a member of my ministry team, gave me a special bouquet made to represt each of my six years as Director — six suckers.

My ministry team and I start each Sidewalk Sunday School in prayer. I always ask God to “help us be the heart and hands of Jesus.” I don’t just mean at Sidewalk. I mean everyday, in everything I do. I am not the only crusader in my family. My niece, Cindra, and her husband Tom have a mission as well. There’s is even grander then mine. Check it out: Eugene Hope Fest 2007.

2 thoughts on “Heart & Hands of Jesus

  1. So I answer the phone tonight as I always do when she calls: Gawpo. And the first thing she says is, “Okay how much can I put you down for?” I hem a little, I haw some more. I think about the near grand I’ve sunk into the cold salt water aquarium, and then there’s the roof, the siding and the 36×36 carport. I say, “Okay, a hundred bucks.” She says, “Did you say three fifty?” We settled on two hundred. She says, “Ok, now give me your credit card number.” After that, she said hello.

    I love Cindra. I really, really do.

    She assures me it’s tax deductible.

    Heart and hands of Jesus here I come.

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