Too Much Cleanliness

When I lived in downtown Las Vegas near Freemont Street, my neighbors were a lovely, lively bunch of people. My apartment was inside First United Methodist Church. I lived across the street from the police station, behind a bank and next door to a casino. Bums slept in the alley outside my door.

About the only accommodation the church didn’t have was a washing machine. I took my wash to the laundromat once per week, usually early on Saturday morning before the crowds arrived. One such Saturday I pulled into the laundromat just as the attendant unlocked the door. As I toted my stuff in he said to me, “You’ll probably be alone for an hour or so before any other customers come in. I’ll be across the street at Denny’s if you need me.” Then he left.

I carried my laundry basket to the first row of washers and started sorting clothing into machines. A man came through the door and walked to the opposite end of the row. He opened a duffle bag and shook it’s contents into the washer. Then he took off his shirt. Next his tennis shoes came off and went into the machine. His socks followed. He reached for his belt.

I started pulling clothes back out of the washing machines and returning them to my basket. I left the laundromat just as his underwear were coming off.

Visiting Jackie’s Garden


 I enjoyed my stay in Spokane, Washington with my sisters. I got to visit Jackie’s Garden. It is even more gorgeous in person then it is on her blog.

Jackie had some daisies, my all-time favorite flower.

 Here is a gorgeous fox glove Bell in Caryl’s hand. She wanted to make certain I could see the inside pattern. I decided since Caryl liked the fox glove so much, I should take her picture with them. And Jackie came along and joined the fun.

So, here are three gorgeous flowers (and one obnoxious owl who joined the photo without permission).

When visiting Jackie’s yard, one needs to stop by the pond out front. T hand dug this pond for Jackie so that her Koi would also have a place to live once he and Jackie married. It was a case of “love me, love my fish” and T apparently did. These fish have a wonderful home. This photo shows Jackie on her knees by the pond petting the fish. When she knelt down and put her hand in the water they all darted over for their share of attention and petting.

Jackie’s secret garden also houses a church. Inside you will see that a couple of bees seeking sanctuary moved in and began remodeling the place. It turned out not to be much of a sanctuary after all. The place was bombed shortly after this photo was snapped, and long before they could finish the job and move in. What is the world coming to that not even a church is a safe haven?

Upon leaving Jackie’s Garden I traveled to Seattle Washington, and crossed Puget Sound in a ferry. I am now quite comfortable in our two bedroom apartment on the Friday Harbor Labratory UW campus. Pictures soon to follow.

My Sisters: Laurel & Hardy

Jackie, my sister who blogs, and Caryl, my sister who doesn’t blog, are a great comedy team.  Fun to watch, but somewhat difficult to interact with. Picture me watching this conversation like a tennis match ….

Jackie:  Caryl, you’re over-watering.  Everywhere I dug in the garden, the holes filled up with water.

Caryl: I only water for a half an hour every day.

Jackie:  That’s too much.  Turn off two days and only water every third day.

Caryl: you fix it.  Make it water for 15 minutes every day.

Jackie: to get strong roots you need to water deep, but not too often.  Turn off two days and only water every third day.

Caryl:  Okay.  You can program the timer.  But I still need it to water for 15 minutes every day in my flower garden, so don’t change number 5.

Jackie: Okay, don’t change number 5 and everything else is every third day.

Caryl: number five has to run every day.

Jackie: yes.  And everything else?

Caryl: fifteen minutes every day.

Jackie: you want me to go program all the sprinklers for fifteen minutes every day except number 5?

Caryl: No.

Jackie:  Okay.  What do you want?

Caryl:  I want everything programmed for 15 minutes every day, except number five.

I cracked up laughing.

Jackie (to me):  It’s okay.  We do this all the time. We’ll get it sorted out.

Me: Just go program the sprinklers however you think is best.

Jackie said:  I should, then she can just yell at me when she doesn’t like it.

Caryl:  Yes.  Do that and I will yell at you later to fix it right.

Jackie:  Okay.  Fifteen minutes every day, except number five?

Caryl: No.  You said I shouldn’t water every day.

Jackie:  Okay.  Then what do you want?

Caryl: fifteen minutes every day, except number five.

Jackie: All righty then! (and she gets up and goes outside.)