Most of you know I worked four jobs this past year.  I didn’t do it because I am a glutten for punishment.  I did it because I wanted something that wouldn’t fit into my normal budget.  Therefore, I had to find a way to finance it outside my budget, and I am not delusional enough to think buying things on credit makes that possible.

Here is what I ran myself ragged for — mine at last.  A Gateway Notebook PC with a 15.4″ ultra-bright screen, Intel-Pentium Dual Core Mobile Processor, 120 GB hard drive, 1024 MB RAM,  CD & DVD readable and rewritable; with the Vista Home Premium operating system.

I would hug it and kiss it, but I don’t want to touch that shiny aluminum case.  Ain’t it purdy?

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

18 thoughts on “Mine!

  1. Glad you got a new toy, you deserve it, I am thinking about a new computer, this old HP is giving up the ghost too fast. Do I get a better vehicle to drive or a new computer???. I think fixing the computer and something safer to drive is the proper thing.

    Enjoy your new toy

  2. LOL! Awwwwwwww…. I hope you two will be very happy together — for MANY years to come!!! I wish kids today would realize that they have to WORK for what they want — and how much more they will appreciate it for having done so! Congratulations Quilly! WELL DONE!!!

  3. Wait, I’ve been buying stuff on credit since I quit my job 6 months ago. What’s wrong with that? Is something bad going to happen? Does it have anything to do with those envelopes I keep getting from Delaware?

  4. Jackie — thank you. I felt very extravagant buying it, since I’m about to quit my job, but I did work hard for it. I hope Hawaii neds teachers as badly as they claim.

    Bill — something safer to drive is probably the best idea — if you want to be around to enjoy a new computer.

    Melli — I am sure it will be a blessed and productive union.

    Diesel — the pink envelopes with the big read “urgent” stamp on them? Nah. Those are just courtesy cards. Wait until the phone starts ringing.

    Brooke — and I just found the camera software so get ready!

  5. It’s beauteous. 😀 I’m thinking about getting one myself, but the one I’m looking at isn’t nearly as cool as yours. You’re a smart girl, buying it before you went to Hawaii. I imagine they cost a weeeee bit more there.

  6. Brig — this lovely, cool thing wasn’t as expensive as you might think. When I started out on my 4 job spree, I was headed for the fully-loaded top-of-the-line moidel, but I found alternate uses for the better part of that money (can you say, Hawaii?) and purchased this quite reasonably.

    Rob — so far I love it.

  7. Jackie — OC is very busy mid-week, but I sent it. I hope you get an answer before you go crazy — oops! Too late.

    Polona — isn’t she lovely?

    Nessa — green is a lovely color for you.

  8. now that is a little piece of luxury you have there. Veyr nice, shiny and it seems powerful. many a wonderful blogpost can be written on such equipment 🙂


  9. That’s a bunch of shuckin’ fullbit! Are you kidding me?! I know you’re not. And don’t tell me—-these are older clerks who have been there forever and are smug and surly, right? If not, then you are in for some real trouble when they get a few years under their belt.

  10. Penguin — and if I ever get finished packing I may take it out and use it! (I return the desktop comp to the school tomorrow.)

    Kat — you’re already more then busy enough!

    Gawpo — I knew this comment was for the post office post. And the clerk was a young twit.

    Gawpo Again — I picked that desktop background to tremind me why I am I doing all this packing. I don’t have the photos of OC transferd over yet, or you may have been looking at him. Monday my car leaves this state behind.

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