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After church yesterday one of the little old blue-haired ladies grasped my arm and said, “Hey now, what’s this I hear about you running off to Hawaii with some strange man none of us have ever met? Whatever happened to that trumpet playing fellow? He seemed like a nice enough guy.”

I answered angelically, “The trumpet playing fellow is who I am running off to Hawaii with.”

She took her hand from my arm and tried to stand up taller. “Well hear now,” She demanded, “You just be careful. He could be an ax-murderer, you know. ”

I responded, “I’ve known him for awhile now and I think I can safely say he has no plans to murder any axes.”

She shook her head. “Just you be careful. You never know these things until it’s too late.”

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Dr. Johm — of course I know that, but there are so many more sensible things to worry about, why pick that one?

    OC — you must know that most little old ladies cannot be countered with logic.

  2. Okay, as a sister, (and since you opened the door), sounds like good advice to me! I FIRMLY believe that it takes at least a year to really know someone. We are all hard-wired to put our best foot forward, but aren’t usually able to sustain it for a loooooong period of time and our ‘real’ selves come out. (Hopefully, without too many warts.)

    Having said that, I also have to say, (as one who’s known C. since the day she was born), I’m not sure WHO (or is it ‘whom’?) would be in the most danger! LOL

  3. Well… I dunno about axes… but I’m sure he kills sOMething… most of ’em do… a deer or a fish here and there… in Hawaii hopefully a cockroach or two… as long as your self-esteem stays in tact or better, I think you’ll come out of it okay!

  4. Aww, she sounds cute. I would say that she sounded a bit like my grandmother…but I had a friend that was suppose to come visit that I met online and she was offering a bedroom to him!

  5. Its the “running off” part that cracked me up. Can you imagine how alien all this is to that little old lady? I’m with Bazza…trumpet practice early in the morning would send me searching for an axe.

  6. Quilly with age comes wisdom, The Church ladies are only worried about you. Though talking about Axe Murders they are watching too much tv, it is time they got a computer and visited the real world.

    A wonderful day is wished for you

  7. Why is everyone warning Quilly about O’C, maybe he’s the one in danger. You never know what Quilly has picked up in Vegas, with all those mob types and all she hangs out with. If things fade to black O’C, hide.

  8. Aunt Quilly, aren’t you supposed to be in Hawaii by now? Blog that you’re there safely please! (Once you’re done saying “Hello” to O.C. of course.)

  9. You don’t know that O.C. isn’t an axe murderer, and he doesn’t know that you aren’t a kool aid-poisoner. That’s what makes it all so exciting…for the rest of us. WHO will emerge alive????

    Actually I was an axe murderer when I married my husband a lifetime ago. I gave it all up for him.

  10. SN — she was cute, and I was amused, not offended. I am glad I have friends who love me.

    Bazza — indeed.

    Kat — well, to her I am still a young, flighty thing.

    Doug — never tried. Do you have a recipe?

    Bill — I had to crack up at the thought of virtual reality being the “real world.”

    Polona — he is at that.

    Nessa — OC is well armed with a sharp wit, finely-honed humor and wicked sarcasm — which is pretty much what makes him perfect for me.

    Brooke — I love how my family loves me. I could wish for a little respect, but that’s what I already have — a little respect. Dang little.

    Morgan — when did you join my family? Oh, I suppose when you adopted my dragon. I should have sent one of the cats, too. I leave Las Vegas next Monday — I hope — and don’t worry, you’ll all be with me on the trip.

    TLP — I do thrive on adventure. There are some things I am looking forward to giving up for OC — making decisions all by myself, cooking for one, eating alone, coming home to an empty house ….

  11. I dunno… scariest critters on the planet are elementary school teachers. Or so says my youngest. Besides, how scarey can a guy who plays with amoeba’s be?

  12. SauerKraut — your youngest is correct. It’s the stare. We practice it at night in the mirror. I haven’t tried it on OC yet, but he’s already said he’s afraid of the day I do.

  13. It´s a decent piece of advice, but I met “trumpet fellow” and I canæt say I have seen him kill any axes (that I know of!) 🙂

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