25 thoughts on “Hired

  1. Yay! — yes, it wipes off them . . . on to me!

    Polona — that is understatement!

    Brig — buy stock in Johnson & Johnson.

    Brian — they are small and they leak. They cannot handle sarcasm. They may not be housebroken . . . .

    Melli — my mascara is waterproof. Just the same, how long do you think they will leave me in time out?

  2. Quilly… if you’re LUCKY they’ll leave you there alllllllllllllllllll day! ROFL!!! And watch out for the boogers of which Nessa speaks… Oh… I think this blog is taking on a whole new dimension!

  3. Excellent! You will receive hugs per day, or per hour as you need. Aahh the formative years. Perhaps god knowns what He is doing after all for you have the chance to start at the very beginning. I am soooo happy for you and all of those children as well. Hugs enclosed.

  4. Nessa — they are infectious little things.

    Mike — I hope the kids feel the same way!

    Doug — perhaps, but it will not be little and yellow!

    Rob — thanks — there is the no more interviews thing to be happy about. And it’s only 5 miles to work.

    Melli — even the bigger kids have boogers, at least my wardrobe can handle the job.

    Pauline — hugs are highly discouraged, but hopefully not forbidden!

    Theresa — me loves me some Hawaii!

  5. Brooke — most of them will probably be about the learning curve I’m about to experience.

    Mumma — what was waiting isn’t what I was looking for!

    Nea — the Kleenex will be for me to cry into. I am sure the children will just use my skirt ….

  6. Oh no, it might not have been what you were looking for or expecting, but I bet you’ll find it quite rewarding. In fact, I think that it’s going to give you a fresh perspective (and hopefully some excellent blog fodder!).

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