He pulled his chair up to the table and began to serve the food. “Hmmm,” he said, ladling chili over the rice on her plate. “I thought we were having chili dogs?”

She visually searched the table. Then she mentally searched her brain. “Excuse me a moment,” she said, then bolted for the kitchen.

He said, “So you didn’t cook’em, huh?”

She quickly tossed four hot dogs onto a plate, stuffed them into the microwave, then sat down and smiled at him as though she meant to do that all along.


In just a little bit I have a job interview. It is a part-time gig teaching computer skills in an afterschool program. I’d much rather have a full-time job with a full-time paycheck, but so far this is the only bite I’ve received! I’m going to put on my very best and go interview. Amoeba says for me to remember that I am interviewing them and not to just leap at the job if it is offered to me.

I haven’t been unemployed (not counting the move to Hawaii, where I was without a paycheck for less than a month) since 1980 something. (And actually, I’m not officially unemployed until this Friday when I clock out!) I am a little freaked by the notion and it has been preoccupying me a lot.  Maybe, if I get a job, my attention span will actually span once again.  One can hope.

On the other hand, maybe I can just win a free vacation from one of those romantic Typically Swiss Hotels, sit out on a balcony overlooking the alps and write my dang novel!

This post contained a paid link which was deactivated when the campaign ended.

An Excited Apology

I was going to spend the day catching up on my blogging responsibilities.  I have not been near the ‘net much these last few days and owe all of you visits and comments, but it’s not going to be today.  I just received a phone call.  I have been offered the job I interviewed for yesterday.  They want me to start this morning!  Since it is already 8:00 a.m. and I have a 90 minute drive ahead of me, I’d better go!

When I get home tonight I’ll tell you all about it!


Kelly and Happy came to us on loan. Their school was overcrowded. They had no room, and no teacher.

Things were rearranged. Classes were combined. Room was made. A teacher was hired.

Today we said good-bye to Kelly and Happy. Now our classroom is missing a measure of nonsense and a measure of sunshine. I hope their new teacher loves them as much as they were loved by their old teacher.


I interviewed for a new job today. Starting next July I will be teaching at a new school — 5th grade!


Sorry this is so late and I didn’t have a chance to visit your blogs. Today was very busy. I promise I will see you sometime tomorrow.


I hate looking for work.

Want ads.


Job interviews.


At home I sit at the table in the dining room staring at my computer screen, revising my resume just a bit for each new job posting. I research the business names, peruse websites, package myself for sale — and I stress.

On interviews I sit in straight chairs in offices, uptight but trying to appear relaxed. Smiling, while fretting over each word I utter. Hoping that Secret can keep secret my nervous perspiration. All the while trying desperately to remember what I wrote on this resume and what I read about this company.


Each time my phone rings I answer in my very best, most professional manner. As I lift the receiver I try to recall what jobs I’ve applied for, where. My eyes search the table and/or breakfast bar for my note pad and pen. Do I have everything I need to appear competent? (It’s an act, you know.)


Then I raise my head and look out the window. Blue skies. Bluer seas. Palm trees waving in a gentle breeze. White puff clouds floating by. I am in Hawaii.

I turn my head, look at the apartment, compare it to the dump I lived in in Las Vegas. I think of OC and smile.

And the stress dissolves.

Life is good. A job will come. All is well.

No stress.