Horrible Headache

I know it’s not time for H yet, but tell my head that. I just can’t look at the screen, it hurtds my eyes too much. To all the alphabet players, I’m sorry I’m not there for you! I’ll be back as soon as I can!

19 thoughts on “Horrible Headache

  1. Don’t worry, we all have time ! First take good care of yourself. But as you visited my blog already I suppose you feel better. Thanks ! I use my cat(s) as background, lol ! No the real reason is I have to do a presentation book with animal pictures for my one week summerschool in photography end July. So I use the opportunity to take pictures of my cats with things from the alphabet. Practical thinking, lol !

  2. I’m glad to read here that you are now feeling better… and I hope you will be even better than that soon. Today has been a study in pain for me too, so I understand. Drat!!

  3. Mar — better, thanks.

    Maggie — this is the first one I have had in years. I hope it doesn’t ecome a habit again!

    Alice — sorry to hear you’re in pain, too. I hope it ends soon.

    Reba — how about just a cuddle?

    Brig — thanks. I’ll live.

    Andrew — as long as I don’t forget my allergy pills. Every 4 hours, OR ELSE!

    Hoorson — I think you posted your comment on the wrong photo — but thanks just the same.

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