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E is for Exit

This is an island with too many people and we all have cars — too many cars. Parking space is a premium commodity. This gate locks a church parking lot in Waikiki. It opens only for church vehicles, including the shuttle vans that bring people in. At the far left of the gate you can see a walk-in entrance. It is standing ajar to welcome visitors. The church parking lot is a tiny little postage stamp. Much of their parking is now occupied by a Burger King.

The night before I shot the photo above, O’Ceallaigh and I were walking down the Waikiki Beach hand-in-hand. I had my eye out for the green roof of the church because I wanted a photo. When I saw it I cracked up laughing and shot this:

I’ll take the Lord’s Prayer with a Coca Cola and a side of fries. Would you super-size that please? And don’t forget the ketchup!

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I’m tired of hunting for posts all over the blogosphere.

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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Two great photos… and I love the humor you served up with the second one, haha. I combined my E with Manic Monday’s “Fresh”.

  2. Woofenderful piktures you shared woof us. I’ll take a hamburger please… and ice cream too, and fries and ….. well, maybe I better just go eat my doggy cookie.

    Fresh Manic Monday + E Alphabet Photo Challenge + a dog’s eye view = an interesting post. Come check it out. Bark!!

  3. That’s a lovely exit! I would surely drive very slowly, just to enjoy the wonderful view.
    The second pic has a “stop” sign for me!! I wouldn’t go in 🙂

  4. I never get tired of looking at the sky where you live. It’s such an amazing blue in every photo!!

    That second one just made me laugh! What a strange sight. LOl!!!

  5. How is it that in Hawaii EVEN exits are beautiful? Must be in the palm trees….

    I’m dieting this week – so I’ll just have an extra large order of “confession” — to GO please!

    Are you CRANKY today? I linked! I linked!

  6. Alice — the sight made OC and I stop and crack up laughing. I had to share! Thanks for using Mr. Linky.

    Reba — gotta watch your girlish figure! Thanks for using Mr. Linky.

    Brian — it depends on which way you are going. 😉

    Mar — plus, if you come out too fast, you have to spend time way from the beach scraping tourists off your bumper. Thanks for using Mr. Linky.

    Mumma — isn’t it though?

    Karen — I’m forever taking pictures of the sky because of that amazing color.

    Robert — Thanks for using Mr. Linky.

    Melli — it isn’t the link in your blog I am worried about, although those are nice. At the end of every post (the first three in the comments) I link all the players, and it’s quite a job already without having four or five windows open while I search for their posts.

    Oh, and there’s a poem in my poetry blog you might like. (There’s a photolink in my sidebar just above the blogroll.)

  7. LOL! I meant I Linky’d! I Linky’d! 🙂 I do know what ya mean though! Sometimes we’re like a room full of … pre-schoolers! *grin*

  8. Good morning, thanks for sharing two great shots… mine is up for the letter “e”… I love all of the palm trees and blue sky where you live… I bet that Burger King makes a hit after church for hungry people…

  9. it’s a very beautiful entrance, lol ! I exit after a little walk around !

    BTW I put a link to my photoblog on my main blog, haven’t you seen it ? My entry for “E” is on my keyhole picture blog.

  10. Sorry for not linking yesterday. Sometimes I’m not smart enough to use the internet. 😛

  11. second time around and it’s still funny.
    i’m still contemplating my entry for today (had an exhausting day)

  12. second time around and it’s still funny.
    i’m still contemplating my entry for today (had an exhausting day)

  13. I linked I linked! Too funny, running all over the blog-o-sphere can truly wear a gal out. I like old fashioned churches, but right now my favorite minister is at one of those big – four service on a Sunday, megga-mall churches. I gotta get over my old fashioned ideas of what a church looks like, it’s really just all about the message.

  14. Hmmm- their Bible must be missing that section about gluttony being a sin…

    That is a funny picture, though!

  15. Melli — yeah, and maybe my headache was on the way even then.

    Baba — when you see tomorrow’s post, you’ll know Burger King has a lot of competition.

    Gattina — I’ve seen the link. I have your main blog on my feed reader. You aren’t one of the people I was being grouchy at, and the people I was being grouchy at still didn’t get it. Sigh.

    Brig — since you’re my guru that’s scary!

    Dr. John — wait for tomorrow’s offering and then say that again!

    Uncle Joe — thank you! I put it up on my poetry blog as well. (Link in the side bar.)

    Jules — I wonder if the food there is always blessed?

    Juliana — ditto

    Shelly — making all those links is work. Having to search for the urls is work with pain!

    SN — for your next vacation you could come to Hawaii and find out.

    Cindy — I haven’t seen the parishioners so I don’t now if they’re over padded or not.

  16. “And for those of our Flock who have been ‘Having it Your Way’ to excess, we will be having ‘Having It The Other Way’ repentance lessons as posted on the menu board.”

  17. Your pics are beautiful as always. I love the way the green shows up in the second one. Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  18. This made me laugh! Progress eh?

    Brilliant post. I need to have a look at this photo challenge – there are so many and I really am getting into it! This one seems to move along quite fast though and I am not sure I could keep up! I’ll check it out tomorrow. I am shattered after a fantastic hot day spent with a lot of hard physical work in the garden. It is beautiful but I am in pain (arthritis) and tired! Just getting through blogs – then bed. Thanks for visiting me again and having a look at my first tentative steps with photo posting.

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