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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Whoof!! Nice pikture, but I don’t see no food. Whine. Bark. Come see what I put fur F (nope, no bad F words… well, none I remember anyway, arf arf arf).

  2. That is a really cool photo. Well done!! It’s funny how we see beauty in places that so many others wouldn’t. Isn’t photography wonderful, lol.

  3. I like how this is composed. Nice capture. Oh wow, there’s a Cold Stone out there??? Now I could definitely live in Hawaii! One more reason. πŸ™‚

  4. there is actually a place called wolfgang puck??!! get that puck outtah he yah! and it’s a pizza place?? hope those slices aren’t as hard as hockey pucks.


  5. I’m sorry about your headache! I’m busy of another nature today! But Uncle Derek came to my rescue for a few minutes! So here I am! Food and FUN is FUN for “F”!!! YAY!

  6. Reba — there was food, but I ate it. Chicken fingers from Puck’s, and ice cream from Cold Stone — I ate it. All.

    Alice — I stepped past the corner of the buildinng. looked left and went, “Whoa!” And up came my camera which was handily hanging from my wrist.

    Jientje — jump in with both feet. Oh, and bring your camera!

    Doug — it’s a rough life.

    Baba — be by as soon as they let me off work!

    Brian — like I told Reba, I et it. And thanks, I’m feeling better.

    Robert — Waikiki seems to have a Coldstone on every other corner. My end of the island has nary a one. Isn’t fair.

    Mar — thanks. I’m feeling fine and will be by soon.

    Dr. John — thanks. Sorry there’s no samples to go with, but I have a feeling Reba and Brian wouldn’t have left you any, anyway.

    SauerKraut — you don’t watch the food channel do you?

    Karen — I didn’t actually “line it up”. I looked up, saw it and knew it had to be photographed.

    Melli — yay for Derek! Although I know you won’t let him have Luz for long!

    Horsoon — thank you. (Why do I feel this is deja vu?) πŸ˜‰

    Juliana — you unilateralists literally drive the rest of us crazy!

  7. I remember when “Wolfie” had just that one place on Sunset Boulevard, now he’s efferywhere….. he he he. My F is up!

  8. Hope you are over your headache by now. Interesting photo- something for everyone and all easy to get to- too easy.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better. Love the way the trees seem to be leaning just to avoid touching the signs πŸ™‚

  10. Jill — that’s funny. I left a similar comment elsewhere online this morning!

    Shelly — he’s invading!

    Cindy — I was so sick last night when I put this up, I forgot Mr. Linky. That’s just me paying myself back for that snit fit I threw.

    Minkydo — the trees know what’s good for them.

  11. My world revolves around FOOD!!
    I like to have lots of FUN too!
    I’ve never eaten at a Wolfgana Puck restaurant. I want to do that.
    I have had the pleasure of partaking Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.

  12. QuillDancer… thanks fur telling me where the food went. PIG! Didn’t even save me a Doggy bag! Whoof!

  13. “I hear ya”. I never leave home without my camera and get most of my best shots when not looking for them. Some things just jump out at us, lol.

  14. Cold Stone. Sigh. I really did leave my heart in Hawaii.

    I love this corner. I’ve spent many days sunbathing across the street on the beach near the outdoor movie screen. Is it still there?

  15. JD — I wouldn’t suggest eating at a Wolfgang Puck Express. The potatoes were thin and runny (almost couldn’t eat them with a fork), and the chicken fingers were over cooked and tough as leather.

    Cath — come on over, I’ll meet you for a day of fun, sun and silliness.

    Reba — sorry, but I didn’t even know you then!

    Alice — when I say to OC, “Stop the car! Stop the car!” Sometimes he says things like, “Not safe. Too much traffic.” His priorities are so off!

    Andrew — festive, isn’t it?

    Carolyn — I had to research your question via the internet. The movie isn’t available year round, so it wasn’t running when we were there, but yes, it still plays. What cracked me up is that OC practiced his trumpet on the beach there one evening near that stage. I remember wondering what it was.

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