Mangofest Destiny

You’re not going to believe this, but it is raining mangoes! The lawn people came and cleaned the yard, piling all the good mangoes here and tossing the bruised and battered ones away.

Mango Bounty


Within seconds of my snapping this photo, the neighbors poured forth from their condos and we carried the bounty away. Yes, I know I’m allergic, but I have found that if I only eat one or two a week, and wash my face and hands throughly afterward with cold water and Ivory Soap, no rash develops.

The season is almost over, and then it’s back to eating apple bananas.

27 thoughts on “Mangofest Destiny

  1. You’ve learned pidgin well, honey. I’m so proud of you. And if you don’t mind, I’d rather you didn’t go anywhere. :*

  2. My two little trouble makers WERE kindergarteners! I would have to accuse them of being pre-schoolers… but thanks for the tip!

    I WISH it would rain mangoes here!!! You are sO blessed! MAYBE if you keep eating just a little, you will build up a tolerance — to both mangoes AND poison ivy!!! Wouldn’t that be great?!

  3. Hello !! I am new to your site. I keep seeing it on Melli’s so thought since you and she were good friends that it would be okay for me to come over. Melli and I have been friends for some time now. She came here to Savannah for our Blogging Babes Blast and we also had been together the year before.
    I love your humor!! I am the same way. i think things should be happy/funny instead of the other way…which I do not care for!! smile. Come visit if you have the time. Sandy

  4. Those look so delicious. I’m not sure we have had mangoes this summer. Hmm…maybe a trip to the grocery would be in order.

    All my kids and friends in South Texas are safe and dry…well, at least not as drenched as Melli’s VBS kids yesterday. 🙂

  5. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! I am glad you can enjoy them in moderation. I wonder about canning them and such. It also makes a wonderful salsa twist. Now I am thinking about all kinds of ideas. My mom runs them thru the dehydrator and sprinkles lehemoi (sp?) on them. Gosh I could eat the whole batch in one sitting.

  6. Brian — you’ve learned pidgin well, too. [pat, pat]

    Shrinky — I’m still eating my fair share — just more carefully.

    Melli — family story says I was allergic to strawberries as a baby, but I wouldn’t stay out of the strawberry patch and ate them anyway, until they didn’t bother me anymore.

    Sandy — welcome! I’m glad you like it here. I’ll be right over.

    Robert — yuk. Thanks for sharing … wait! … Well, you know what I mean. I hope.

    Mumma — then brace yourself because I’m thinking of changing again!

    Amber — since we have to climb over piles of mangoes just to leave our house, we laugh when we see them on sale in the grocery store.

    Carletta — from our third floor window OC looked down and said, “Hon! Get your camera. Have I got a picture for you ….”

    Shelly — I and a couple of my readers would, indeed, like your recipe. IF you deliver it in person we can make it together and you can fill your suitcase full for the trip home ….

    Jill — if you haven’t, you’ve no idea what you’ve been missing. And don’t go getting the canned ones! Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

    Judi — I ordered it. I’ll share the recipe, but you have to get your own mangoes!

    Jules — you can send recipes, too! Lilikoi Butter (Passion Fruit) is something I’ve not had yet.

  7. I’m not sure if I’ve ever tasted mango. I know they cost a lot here, so not sure I ever bought one, cuz what if I spend that much money on something I don’t like the taste of? Well, now you’ve got me wondering and I think I’ll have to check the stores to see if I can get one and taste it. Haha.

  8. we went to a party once when i was there and it lasted late into the night as these things do. well, intermittently we would duck (why we didn’t move i’ll never know) as the mangoes from the tree would be falling on us. good timese.

  9. Reba — a mango isa yummy, delicious, not for doggies fruit. Here, have a chew stick.

    Alice — on the other hand, if you’ve never had one than you aren’t going to stand around fretting over the price and wishing, are you?

    Polona — hmmm, green is definitely not ripe. Ripe mango fruit is orange and juicy and sweet!

    Jules — I’ve seen [thank you!] it and my new post was inspired by it. You have a lot to answer for ….

    Alan — Your manners underwhelm me. I’m leaving your comment because you are a friend of Jules’, but it is customary when visiting to at least PRETEND you have an interest in the blog you’re commenting on.

    Holly — it was move fun to dodge than move, besides, you wouldn’t have had this great tale to tell!

    Dr. John — an apple-banana is a local hybrid. The bananas are shorter, plumper, and just a bit more firm and tart than what you get in the store. Plus, they don’t spoil as quickly. The taste is banana with just a hint of apple snap to it. Yummy!

  10. My daughter in law is from the philippines, and mango is a staple there, and she always brings back a bunch. I declined this time because ofmy digestive problems, and really, if I eat them I feel like my insides are raw. I told my son what you said about mango’s and he looked at me like I as crazy, and then told me as much. I told him, well I don’t know, someone told me that. About them being related to poison ivy. anyway of course he didn’t believe me and thought I made it up so that I wouldn’t have to eat them. I told him, I LOVE MANGO’S, I would love to eat them. sigh…….oh well

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