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  • Wordless Wednesday — Rock Pigeon

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Who’da thunk PIGEONS could be so cute!? My deck is going to be my lanai from now on! I’m going Hawaiian!

  2. Oh I do love the shot of the napping Rock Pigeon!
    And thank you for your kind comment! I, too, hate “towards,” but I seem to accidentally use it all the time. It’s easier to catch in conversation, though. I’m not on the same level as some people out there, but I’m pretty obsessed with stupid grammatical things. 🙂
    Again, love the pictures; I’ll have to add you to the blogroll!

  3. By the way, I got to meet Bwookie at Mo’s in Florence the other day. She’s got a job!!! And is SOOOOO excited to be coming home.

  4. Ok. Just one more—do you think maybe this poor bird got rear-ended in flight and that’s what happened to its foot?

  5. Whoof!! That is a purty bird woof a very sore looking foot. We have lots of pigeons living here in our shed. Mom & I likes em except Mom can’t put anything in the shed what used to be the chicken coop cuz it’s got pigeons living in there now and they poop all over everything. She would make it pigeon proof except that there are always young birds that need their parents. Pigeons raise about 4 or 5 batches of babies every year. Wow, that’s lots. I hope yur pigeon feels better soon.

  6. i’m not all that fond of pigeons but these are great shots!
    foot injuries are so common in pigeons living in urban environment… it’s because we humans leave all kind of junk everywhere…

  7. Well hello there pretty Pigeon. What great shots. Looks like he/she was posing for you……haha

  8. Looks like I missed your Ruby tuesday too! Shame on me!
    You captured the purple colorof the neck so well! Doves only look grey from far away, but they have amazing colors! Beautiful, Quilly!

  9. Gattina — I was standing beside him.

    Melli — gotta have the tropical view or it’s just not the same.

    Doug — no, mostly they’re scruffy and disreputable looking, kind of like stray dawgs.

    Minkydo! Hi! Good to see you again. Have you posted? Why didn’t my feed reader say so?

    Medic — that’s funny, I catch it in my writing, but it slips into my vocabulary all the time!

    Gawpo — Brooke called me with her exciting news (three times, I think). The bird would speak Hawaiian pigeon of course! Where do you think we learned it? OC says the bird may have hurt itself, but it is more likely that it’s contracted Avian Malaria which causes infections and deformities in bird feet. (Not transferable to humans.)

    Reba — your mom is a pretty soft touch, ay?

    Jules — doesn’t he though? He was very sweet and friendly and stayed about 4 hours in my company.

    Polona — junk left out, and junk food, and rampant disease … Avian Malaria is very wide spread here.

    Brian — he did seem to like the attention.

    Nea — I think he was!

    Jientje — thank you. He is gorgeous and he was very friendly, too.

  10. UWS — when the bird arrived it was still bleeding. What you see on it’s foot is bits of feathers. It stayed on my lanai for about 4 hours, cleaning it’s foot and sleeping. When it left, the foot was no longer bleeding, had nothing stuck to it, and the end of the middle toe (claw knuckle) was missing.

  11. I used to raise pigeons so I loved the pictures. I had some really nice Tumblers they would fly as high as they could and then tumble toward the ground pulling out always just in time.

  12. Awesome shots Quilly! Absolutely awesome. How on earth did you get that close? Or was it a very good quality zoom? Love it.

    You caught me out on mine getting my days mixed up. Responded on mine but suffice to say I now know it is Wednesday today. (Just – for me. Another 6 minutes to Thursday!)

  13. Cath — when I went out on the lanai, it walked right up to me. If I were braver, I probably could have touched it. And, I thought it had had enough trauma for one day. I only used the telephoto lens on the sleeping pigeon photo, all the rest were framed with the camera. The pigeon was that tame and well-behaved (or that much in shock after having its toe severed).

  14. Sigh. You said Lanai. Oh… how I’d love to be on a Lanai right now.

    Excellent shots of the pigeons too. And I’m happy to read in your comments that the injured bird was better-ish when he left your Lanai. Lucky he found a safe friend in you. Maybe after this, word will get out in the bird world that us crazy humans with those silly black clicking camera-things attached to our faces are too busy snapping away to ever hurt them. Little do the birds know that we’re far too obsessed with catching the perfect shot to ever want to catch them!

    (Punny David. Gotta love him!)

  15. Ooops. I said pigeons, but I guess it was just one pigeon. The last photo looks like a different bird, but it’s all the same one right?

  16. Of course the bird was tame. It’s a rock pigeon, correct? It left the concert a bit beat up, and, naturally, totally stoned. Good thing the cardinal didn’t show up, it might have felt compelled to deliver a sermon.

  17. Indrani — if a pigeon should so bless you, I have no doubt your shots would be even lovlier than mine.

    David — no need to apologize for puns here. OC always leaves his laying about for me to trip over.

    Carolyn — only one pigeon, and my camera is silver, so you folk with the black ones are still on the hot list.

    OC — you take the cake!

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