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Diamond Head

Ella said I worked her too hard yesterday and she just wanted to kick back and relax.  She walked me to the door and quite happily waved good-bye as I drove away.  I figured she’d be back in bed before I cleared the block.

I figured wrong.  Imagine my surprise when Ella showed up at the office.  She’d caught the beach bus and came to Waikiki.  I asked her why she hadn’t ridden in with me, and she said she didn’t want to ride on the highway, she’d wanted the scenic tour.  Then she added that she shouldn’t have bothered, because the bus driver made her sit down and she couldn’t see out the window anyway.

So, instead of taking the highway home, I drove the beach road.  I didn’t let Ella stand up and look out the window either, but I did stop at the scenic look out on Diamond Head.

Ella Above Diamond Head Beach
Ella Above Diamond Head Beach

Ella said she didn’t care to climb down the bank to the shore.  I think she was just being polite since I was in my work clothes and dressed for an overly air conditioned office, not a bright, sunny beach.  Still, I know she enjoyed herself.  She certainly had an interesting view.

Ella At Diamond Head
Ella At Diamond Head

Yep.  That’s a dog on a boogie board.  He was looking for his next wave.


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  1. Ohhhhh ELLA! I do envy you that view! I could have sat THERE all day — while Quilly worked… I guess next we’ll see YOU on a surf or boogie board!

  2. Ella looks so content looking out to the Ocean. I like Melli could sit there all day and just watch the Ocean. As for getting in the Ocean, we will see.

  3. Ok. I’m jealous of a stuffed elephant. What does that say about me? Looks like you are having fun with Ella and vice versa.

  4. I agree, she is getting spoiled, and she’s happy with it!!!
    I would be too! Can’t I come? I promise, I’ll do the dishes and I’ll cook, okay?

  5. Fantastic views! I am not sure if I am mad or if you are slightly crazy. Somewhere in the middle I think we meet.
    I think we both are mad. You are off your head, and I understand you. So that makes me mad too. :0/

  6. You know, I’m getting just a little bit jealous here. I’ve never been to Hawaii and here Ella, a little elephant, is there seeing all the best sights and eating all that great food. Man!!! I bet all the good looking men want to get to know her too!! Oh well, life happens. Do you not have a proper safety seat for Ella like people have for their children until they get to be a bigger size? She really ‘should’ have a safety seat while traveling in a car!!

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