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Ella on The High Dive

Ella was just floating around in the lower (diving) pool enjoying the breeze, the water, and life in general, when she noticed the high dive.

Is that ledge up there for diving?

I told Ella the ledge was NOT for diving, but at the same time our hostess exclaimed, “Yes, it is!  Do you dive?”

Of course Ella wanted to dive.  I reminded her of the Papaya Tree incident and tried to talk her out of it.  Ella said that I have no spirit of adventure.

She climbed almost to the top and sat down on the ledge.
She climbed almost to the top and sat down on the ledge.

She said that the ledge was scary, and she was afraid she’d miss the water if she jumped from there.  We all agreed.  Ella went ahead and climbed to the top.  Once up there, she looked over the side and saw how far away the diving pool was and how close the lap pool was.  She wanted to dive into the lap pool.

We told her the diving pool was 12 feet deep and made for diving.  The lap pool was only 4.5 feet deep and it was made for swimming laps.  The lap pool just isn’t deep enough to be safe for diving.

Ella decided not to jump.  She also decided not to climb down.  She figured she could live atop the diving board forever if we brought her the occasional salad (say about 8 times per day).

Ella enjoying a fresh fern salad.
Ella enjoying a fresh fern salad.
Our hostess took pity on Ella -- or the ferns -- and climbed to the rescue.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Mm mm mm…. that is SOME pool! I think I’ve found a new subject to to transfer my sinful coveting to…. You know… Ella did not USED to be this afraid of heights… I think it may have started when the 3 headed dragon got her at the beach! Well… I guess maybe I won’t have to worry about her falling into a volcano after all!

  2. Ohhh Quilly, I’ve missed so many beautiful and funny posts here, my apologies!!
    Ella is quite an adventurous party animal, and she’s having the time of her life!
    Well, who wouldn’t, if you get to spend a holiday in Hawai!
    Oh by the way, I got the punny Monday right, without reading it first!! I got it right!!! *** Does the happy dance***

  3. I’m getting so I ‘have’ to come over often to see the adventures of Ella Phlint unfolding.

    Reading this post I was screaming (inside) “NO!!! Don’t do it Ella! Don’t do it!!” I was so relieved to see she didn’t jump. A pachyderm hitting the water at that distance in not going to be a pretty site… and all around will be hit with a large wave of water. Not to mention our dear little Ella could get hurt.

  4. Quilly, I’ve now posted replies to your comments of last night and tonight on my blog. I am also posting recent photos of my parrot for you and OC, haha. I will take some photos soon of the chinchillas and post for you. I’ve posted some (under My Critters) in the past, but will work at getting something new for you.

  5. Ella has a lot more courage than I have. I wouldn’t climb up on that ledge and try to dive in the water. It looks like Ella is having the time of her life in Hawaii.

  6. Melli – Yes, Ella still talks about that dragon. She says somebody really needs to teach him some dental hygiene! And, since there are no live volcanoes on Oahu, Ella has been pretty safe. If she ever gets invited to Hawaii Island (aka “The Big Island”), you will have cause to worry. Kilauea is there.

    Brian – more exciting than mine, too!

    Jill – yes. In fact, you could say she’s a real animal!

    Polona – yes. And she resents it when I fight her for it!

    Carletta – it is getting a bit nippy here. Last night the temperature dropped to 72F!

    Jientje – and it is about time for Ella to move on to her next stop. Still, the posts are here. AND, I think you were missing them because while I was moving and didn’t have Internet, you weren’t seeing much of me at your place.

    Dr. John – she’s way fast! I didn’t have time to stop her!

    Cindy – she does make life a circus.

    Mumma – or me. I couldn’t even bring myself to go up and get her!

    Alice – it is a HUGE pool. It might have actually withstood the pachyderm impact, but you’re quite right, all around would have been thoroughly showered.

    Bill – Ella is definitely enjoying herself.

    Doug – no. She went skinny-dipping on the beach in Ocean City, but says that when everyone else is wearing their beach clothes, she feels much too self-conscious without her suit.

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