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Never Trust an Elephant With Your Breakfast

Ella & The Papaya
Ella & The Papaya

Yesterday at the grocery store, Ella said she wished to fix breakfast for OC and I.  She picked out a huge papaya, several bananas, an apple, some walnuts, a quart of Half-n-Half, and some blueberries.  She said she was going to fix us her favorite breakfast of all time, Ella’s Famous Fruit Salad.

As you can imagine, OC and I were very excited about breakfast this morning — until we got to the table.

Breakfast by Ella
Breakfast by Ella

Ella says that first she tasted each ingredient separately, to make certain they were fresh.  Upon approving everything, she chopped, diced and tossed the fruits together.  Next she sprinkled them with sugar — and she tasted them.  Not enough sugar.  She added more and tasted again. It was just right!  So, she poured the Half-n-Half over it all and had one more taste — and it was gone!

I’m sure it was a lovely meal.  And I have heard it is the thought that counts.  Elephants can’t help it if they have much bigger tasters than people, right?  At least Ella’s appetite heart was in the right place.  And she did give me the recipe so I could make the dish myself.  She also suggested it might be best to wait and make it after she’s gone.

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  1. ROFL! At least she saved you ONE banana. Did you have to split the toast and banana — or did you each get your own? We had similar problems only at restaurants… where Ella wanted to taste EACH dish that was served. But you know restaurant portions! NO WONDER my food bill was so high at the beach!!!

  2. Ella is quite the Homemaker, and she even finds time to make breakfast for you and OC. You will miss her when she leaves

  3. Melli — hmmmm, Ella hasn’t cost me to very much in restaurants. Usually she charms the chef and her meal, at least, comes free. At the Atlantis Seafood & Steak House, we ALL ate free — of course, that was my coworker and her coupons and not Ella that managed that fete.

    Carletta — I was thinking it sounded yummy over oatmeal, but OC will disagree. He prefers his oatmeal in a cookie, not a bowl.

    Bill — she took time to make the breakfast. She took time to eat the breakfast. OC went to work without breakfast and I had toast, juice and a baby banana.

  4. It sounds to me like you are very fortunate that you got the toast, banana & juice. They could have been vacuumed up through a certain truck too. Oh, our Ella. Too cute.

  5. BLESSSSSSSSINGS to YOU and ELLA today!!!! I have NO idea how to watch a pod so I’m just trusting that you’re both going to be a BIG HIT!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  6. Ella is sure having a good time with you and OC. She came at a good time, I think. She has provided you with blog fodder and has taken on some of the cooking duties and has kept you on your diet, too. I’m very glad she got there before you moved. She might have had trouble finding you if her trip had been a little later.

    Fun post and hope you have a fun day with her…or if you are at work..then hope you have fun later.

  7. Dr. John — wise move!

    Karen — forewarned is half the battle.

    Gattina — uhmmm, yes. Indeed.

    Alice — it was a close thing. I went for my camera and came back to find Ella contemplating taste-testing my toast.

    Jientje — I am glad you are enjoying them.

    Mar — that’s me and cookie dough!

    Melli — you can watch I sent you a link.

    Amber — the other place is still ours. Ella would have found me, no problem.

    Polona — that is true. I wanted to scold but I just laughed.

  8. You’re lucky you got anything at all.
    Ella is a good eater!
    Half & Half poured over just about anything is delicious. I could drink that stuff straight from the carton.. and I have.

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