Start As You Plan to Continue

They say one should start the way one plans to continue.  If that is true, you all might want to start feeling sorry for O’Ceallaigh right now.   I offered to cook him breakfast this morning.  He greeted the suggestion with enthusiasm and I went into the kitchen and banged a few pots and pans around.  I also sliced the Portuguese Sausage and put it on to fry, then I popped the buttermilk biscuits in the oven.  About halfway through the biscuit cooking time, I dropped a couple of eggs in the skillet — and promptly broke the yolks!  Grrrrr.

I only had 4 eggs and I’d just ruined two.  I set them aside for myself and put the last two in the skillet.  These were looking good.  I checked the biscuits — not done yet so I set the table and poured two glasses of 100% cranberry juice.  I put the butter out so it could soften (it does that really quickly in Hawaii).

I fixed OC’s plate and took it to the dining room, calling him to the table.  I put my plate on the table as well and went back to get the biscuits — which seemed to be done, but hadn’t browned.   I popped the broiler element on and returned to the dining room to apologize for the late biscuits.  I took an apple wedge from my plate and bit into it.  It was yummy.  I ate another.  And ano — oh crap!

The biscuits were brown.  Very brown!  OC poked them with his fork, selected the nicest one — and offered it to me!

I am loved.  That is a very nice way to start off the new year.


He cooked breakfast.

She smiled brightly, lifted her fork and poked her egg.  It just laid there.

She poked it again.  Nothing.

She turned the fork and cut her egg in half, then she looked up at her darling, charming, love.  He watched with a small, sheepish smile curving his lips.

She queried, “Why is it that when I cook breakfast, you insist on eggs over-easy, and when you cook breakfast –,” she paused and pointedly looked at first her plate and then his, “– we get eggs over-hard?”

He shrugged his shoulder.  “Wouldn’t know,” he mumbled, then stuffed a bite of toast in his mouth and turned intently to his breakfast.

“Oh,” She said, smiling happily, content with her eggs over-hard and pleased to have finally found something that he cannot do even better than she.

Never Trust an Elephant With Your Breakfast

Ella & The Papaya

Ella & The Papaya

Yesterday at the grocery store, Ella said she wished to fix breakfast for OC and I.  She picked out a huge papaya, several bananas, an apple, some walnuts, a quart of Half-n-Half, and some blueberries.  She said she was going to fix us her favorite breakfast of all time, Ella’s Famous Fruit Salad.

As you can imagine, OC and I were very excited about breakfast this morning — until we got to the table.

Breakfast by Ella

Breakfast by Ella

Ella says that first she tasted each ingredient separately, to make certain they were fresh.  Upon approving everything, she chopped, diced and tossed the fruits together.  Next she sprinkled them with sugar — and she tasted them.  Not enough sugar.  She added more and tasted again. It was just right!  So, she poured the Half-n-Half over it all and had one more taste — and it was gone!

I’m sure it was a lovely meal.  And I have heard it is the thought that counts.  Elephants can’t help it if they have much bigger tasters than people, right?  At least Ella’s appetite heart was in the right place.  And she did give me the recipe so I could make the dish myself.  She also suggested it might be best to wait and make it after she’s gone.