Friday Fright & Other Ramblings

Friday morning I woke with a swollen eye.  No, the skin around my eye wasn’t swollen, the eyeball itself had a large lump on it just to the outside of my iris.  When I shut my eye, the white — except it was a blood-shot, milky yellow — still showed.  I freaked and called OC at work.

OC insisted I needed to be calling the doctor and not him.  At the time I was already flipping through my paperwork — just got insurance through my new job — looking for the number to dial.  I wanted support, not scolding, but he scolded.

I called the doctor’s office and talked symptoms with the nurse practitioner.  Since I was in no pain, she decided I could see the doc instead of going straight to emergency, and signed me up for a 1:30 appointment. She also okayed me taking my allergy meds.  I took the meds then called OC and told him about the appointment.  Then I went back to bed and slept more.  When I woke the swelling was much less, but I showered and prepared to see the doc.

I picked OC up from work and we went to the doctor’s office, where it was decided that I had a rather severe environmental allergy to something that really tweaks-off my eyes.  I am now taking Loratadine dissolve-in-the-mouth tablets and Zaditor eye drops.  I no longer have the urge to take my eyes out and soak them in a glass of fresh water, so they must be working.

OC went to my appointment with me and came in and asked all the proper questions on the care and feeding of his Quilly — which was more than enough to assure his forgiveness for the lecture.

Guess what I learned while at the Doctor’s Office?  Those “Get the Red Out” eye drops have vaso constrictors in them, and they limit the amount of blood and oxygen that gets to your eyes — just what one doesn’t want when dealing with an allergy.  Plus, they should never be used for extended periods of time.  Oops!  I had been using one for a couple of weeks!  Doc prescribed the new meds (described above).

That new meds stuff meant that I had to go to the drug store on Black Friday.  I went in, got what I wanted — no easy task given the number of people in the store — and stood in line for about an hour while the lady in front of me hemmed and hawed over the things she put in her basket. “Oh, I don’t want this after all.  Yes, I do.  No!  Wait!  Don’t ring it up.  I don’t think I want this either, but you know, I will take that — except don’t ring it up yet either.  First, how much is this?  I saw the sign but I don’t remember …..  Did you ring that up?  Well, take it back out.  I’ve decided that I don’t like the color.” And so on ….

The one thing you don’t want to be at the drug store, is sick and in need of drugs.  And — because it was Black Friday — OC opted out of going to the store with me and asked to be returned to work via the bicycle shop.  Hey, maybe I am still mad at him!

Oh, wait — he bought me my new novel today — in hard back! — took me out to dinner, and replaced our faulty wifi modem so I could blog.  Isn’t he wonderful?

Black Friday

I refuse to participate.  Christmas has gotten too commercial.  Whatever gifts I give this year will be modest and thoughtful.  For me Christmas is about the gift God gave the world.  One can’t buy that at the Mall.

OC is also sharing his thoughts on Christmas consumerism.  If you want a good laugh, visit: O’Ceallaigh & The Quill.  Take your ukelele, there will be singing, A Song for Black Friday.