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Start As You Plan to Continue

They say one should start the way one plans to continue.  If that is true, you all might want to start feeling sorry for O’Ceallaigh right now.   I offered to cook him breakfast this morning.  He greeted the suggestion with enthusiasm and I went into the kitchen and banged a few pots and pans around.  I also sliced the Portuguese Sausage and put it on to fry, then I popped the buttermilk biscuits in the oven.  About halfway through the biscuit cooking time, I dropped a couple of eggs in the skillet — and promptly broke the yolks!  Grrrrr.

I only had 4 eggs and I’d just ruined two.  I set them aside for myself and put the last two in the skillet.  These were looking good.  I checked the biscuits — not done yet so I set the table and poured two glasses of 100% cranberry juice.  I put the butter out so it could soften (it does that really quickly in Hawaii).

I fixed OC’s plate and took it to the dining room, calling him to the table.  I put my plate on the table as well and went back to get the biscuits — which seemed to be done, but hadn’t browned.   I popped the broiler element on and returned to the dining room to apologize for the late biscuits.  I took an apple wedge from my plate and bit into it.  It was yummy.  I ate another.  And ano — oh crap!

The biscuits were brown.  Very brown!  OC poked them with his fork, selected the nicest one — and offered it to me!

I am loved.  That is a very nice way to start off the new year.


  1. Yes, you are, that is obvious in almost everything I see on your blog. It must be a wonderful feeling to be loved. Wish I knew what it felt like, haha…..seriously, I guess I shouldn’t have “settled.”


    Anyway, I have done the very same thing you just did, but unfortunately mine are usually not edible……and everyone will say, we like charcoal. haha

  2. This is a woofenderful story, Mrs. Q. I would gladly eat yur biscuits. Hard stuff is good fur dog teeth, ya know. It scratches the ucky stuff off of ’em and keeps ’em healthy.

  3. Quilly, I agree with ‘nea’ above… 1st: it is obvious from so many of your posts that you truly are loved, 2nd: I wish I knew what it felt like to be loved so. Good thing I have critters or I’d have no New Years Kisses at all. Oh well, maybe 2009 will bring that special someone into my life. I am happy for you… and for OC.

  4. Quilly… dear… I started feeling sorry for OC a long time ago. By the same measure, I have felt sorry for YOU for quite some time also. And at the same time, I am so jealous of the happiness you share! You two are made for each other!

  5. Nea — one of the biscuits was inedible. The rest looked worse than they tasted.

    Reba — thatnks for the endorsement — I think. 😉

    Alice — I waited 10 years for OC. He’s worth it.

    Gattina — that’s my life.

    Doug — OC has “rules” and macadamia nuts and chili aren’t on his list of acceptable breakfast foods. Neither is cold pizza, which I find quite odd even for OC.

    Melli — you know you only see the romance on the blog … I was trying to think of an instance of angst to share with you, but in truth we have few. Both of us were alone for so long before we met, that we truly appreciate one another, and a flaw here and there is part of the package.

    Bazza — yeah. Right. I could have burnt them.

    Juliana — well, our entire love story is pretty much that amazing.

    Dr. John — you mean I’m lucky he gave me the best one? OR do you mean I’m lucky he didn’t scold me for burning his biscuits? Because you’ve got to know that the sciolding could have resulted in him suddenly having to cook a lot more meals.

    VE — perhaps.

    Diesel — ditto. Thanks for your yearly visit.

    Carletta — and I still marvel over the fact that he’s mine!

  6. this is very similar to how i cook every day. well, without the enthusiasm. but the brownness and broken yolks – that’s all me, even on non-egg days. ..

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