Ruby Tuesday — Hummingbirds

I haven’t participated in Ruby Tuesday in ages, but when I downloaded the pics I took this morning I knew Ruby Tuesday is exactly where they needed to be seen! Pop on over and see Mary at Work of the Poet to see even more ruby red goodness.

Hummingbird Gossip

These two little ladies were gossiping at the syrup station. I tried to get close enough to hear what they were saying —

Lady Hummingbirds

But it is pretty darn hard to sneak up on a Hummingbird. The lady’s glare made it perfectly apparent I wasn’t going to be invited into the conversation.

Hummingbird Couple

About that time Mr. Hummingbird came in for his lunch and chased the old gossiping biddy away. From the looks of the Missus, I’m thinking she didn’t appreciate it.

(Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba has a slightly different take on this tale. Have a look at the dark tips on the tail feathers of the “old biddy” in the second picture. Said “old biddy” is in fact a young male, not quite come into his full glory. But close enough for the man of the house to have his suspicions and chase off the interloper. No wonder the Missus didn’t appreciate it. Coo coo kachoo, Mrs. Robinson …)

Ruby Tuesday Bridges the Gap

Our Ruby Tuesday host is Mary, the Teach.

On Tuesdays you can post any photo you like (it must be one of your own) that contains the color RED. Your photo can contain lots of RED or a little bit of RED.

Visit Alice to find more players in her photo challenge, Bridging The Gap.

Although you’ve not seen this exact photo, you have seen this view previously on my blog.  The bridge the jogger is running over is the Makaha Stream Bridge.  The bridge you see arching over the road is a cart bridge and foot path which connects the Makaha Country Club with the Makaha Golf Resort.  Yep, on either side of this lovely little winding country road, there is an 18 hole golf course.  Thirty-six holes within walking distance to our condo, and given our time and money constraints, OC has taken his clubs out once.

2-Fer Bridges

2-Fer Bridges

And here we have a bit of graffiti on the side rail of the Makaha Stream bridge.



The second photo was taken about a month ago and the graffiti was eye-popping red and fresh.  The first photo was taken this evening, and if you look at the side of the bridge you can see that the graffiti has been white washed over.

*   *   *

Hey, I know you missed me yesterday.  I am sorry.  I was away from home most of the day.  I will be leaving the house very early today, too, and not returning until evening.  I will try to catch up with you as soon as time allows.

Today I am going on a job interview.  Prayers are accepted and appreciated.  I’ll let you all know what happens.