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An Elevator Car Named Desire

I was standing with a small crowd in the lobby waiting for one of the four elevators.  There was a “ding” and a light flashed above the door of elevator one, signaling its arrival.  We all turned to face the door and stepped forward — but not too close because there would be people inside wanting to get off.

The elvators doors opened.  The young couple inside were indeed trying to get off, but not off the elevator.   They leaped apart, which was a mistake since her shirt was completely unbuttoned and his watch band was tangled in her bra.   She shrieked and hid behind him.  He grabbed her bag and balanced it on the tent pole in his pants.  “Ugh, where are we?”  He asked the crowd at large.  A man behind me answered, “Looks like you’re just short of home plate.”


        1. Bill, interesting comment. It has not escaped my notice that you supplied the non-G rated material on Thom’s blog.

          1. Thom, we can’t keep demanding more from our government and refusing to pay for it. As it is Hawaii’s teachers are the lowest paid in the nation. People that refuse to pay their public servants deserve poor public service.

    1. Yes, I’m afraid our laughter did chase them down the hall as they beat a hasty retreat, but it was good humored laughter.

    1. Mar — hmmm, I didn’t think of that when I wrote it. I may have to close it to comments if I pick up too much trash.

  1. ROFLMAO… ooops. Guess they need to be more careful next time, tee heee.

    My 3WT is up now, and I am attempting to get to bed early as I must be up extra early tomorrow. Can you please add me to the list of those ‘up’? Thanks so much. Reba said to tell you she will do her best to get one up tomorrow too, and will let you know if she gets it done.

    Alice in BC Canada’s last blog post..Three Word Thursday

    1. Melli — they were carrying bags from the Bridal shop. The young lady may have just been trying to express her enthusiasm for the upcoming nuptials — or they started their honeymoon a bit too soon.

    1. I did notice an abundance of puns. You only like these better than Punny Monday because you don’t have to decode them!

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