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She took him his ice cream.  Since that is pretty much a nightly ritual performed by rote, it didn’t really matter that she was reading an excellent book and only half paying attention.  She scooped the ice cream into the bowl, grabbed an eating utensil from the drawer and hastened to his side.

She was turning to rush back to her book even as He took the items from her hands, but the perplexed sound of his, “Uhm, thank you, love,”  caused her to pause.  He said, “Perhaps I would be better served with a spoon?”  She looked down.  In his left-hand was a small dessert bowl containing two scoops of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, as it should be.  In his right hand was a butter knife.

She took the butter knife back and got him a spoon, but honestly, should a person being waited upon hand and foot be so picky?


  1. Some men want EVERYthing…

    Quilly, dear… if you come to visit me, you may stay as long as it takes us to have all the fun!

    If I come to visit you it will be in Friday Harbor…. make sure you get a guest room! 🙂
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..A Visit With George & Martha =-.

    1. Melli — a guest room is on the agenda. Maybe several because there’s Caryl and Tilden and Shelly and you …. oh my. We are going to need a very big house, aren’t we?

    1. Linda — my amoeba has fastidious manners. While he could eat with his knife, it would appall him to do so. And mint chocolate chip is one of his favorites. I prefer my toothpaste on my toothbrush and without the chocolate chips.

    1. Thom — when I took Amoeba the knife with his ice cream, he had sense enough to hold his tongue. I’m willing to bet that prudence wouldn’t occur to you until the doctor was removing the knife.

  2. Tell him the knife is for eating peas which he will get next time! Thanks for your comment on my leaves and flower image. I had thinking of taking a photo of the brown leaves that are falling to put in my sidebar. Then saw the leaf and impatiens by the deck, moved a couple of acorns closer, snapped the image and was sure I had a post. As for the water in the creek, the City spent a lot of money to make it tame. The creek flooded occasionally, sending 4 feet of water through downtown businesses and homes. Underneath the walkways beside the creek are large conduits that carry excess water beyond the business section.
    .-= Lew´s last blog ..Fall is coming =-.

    1. Lew — we’d had peas for dinner. If I was thinking quickly enough I could have told him that if he’d eaten his peas with it like he was supposed to, he wouldn’t be having to eat his ice cream with it now!

    1. Susan — Must Love Hellhounds. I reviewed it. Check my last week’s posts. Every story in the book is good. Ilona and I were in an online writer’s group together way back when. Her ability plot amazes me.

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