She took him his ice cream.  Since that is pretty much a nightly ritual performed by rote, it didn’t really matter that she was reading an excellent book and only half paying attention.  She scooped the ice cream into the bowl, grabbed an eating utensil from the drawer and hastened to his side.

She was turning to rush back to her book even as He took the items from her hands, but the perplexed sound of his, “Uhm, thank you, love,”  caused her to pause.  He said, “Perhaps I would be better served with a spoon?”  She looked down.  In his left-hand was a small dessert bowl containing two scoops of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, as it should be.  In his right hand was a butter knife.

She took the butter knife back and got him a spoon, but honestly, should a person being waited upon hand and foot be so picky?

Healthy is as Healthy Tastes

He complained about his weight gain.

She said:  “I need to look up some cooking-light type recipes online so we can start eating more healthy.”

He exclaimed, apparently appalled:  “Why would you want to do that?!”

She said, clearly baffled:  “Weren’t you just complaining about your weight?”

He said: “What does that have to do with eating healthy?”

She stared at him, wondering if he’d suddenly lost his mind.

He continued: “I mean, I thought our goal was to get into heaven, right?  So what’s with your planning meals for hell?”

She found no point on which to counter his logic and instead asked him if he’d rather have a salad or ice cream for dinner.

He had Mint-Chocolate Chip.  She had Moose Tracks.

Ella’s Gone Island

Less than three hours after I rescued her from the sweltering mailbox, Ella was wrapped in a sarong like any good Island Girl.  However, jet lag took it’s toll and she fell asleep almost before she finished the bushel of broccoli I gave her for dinner.

I was certain we wouldn’t see Ella again before breakfast, so I only dished up two bowls of ice cream, then I called OC to the table.  Ellie beat him to the chair.  I had no idea elephants could run that fast or jump that high!

Ellie reaching for OCs ice cream.

Ella reaching for OC's ice cream.

OC took the entire incident very well.  He likes Ella’s enthusiasm and zest for life — and food.