High & Dry

High and dry — on the 17th floor of the Queen Kapiolani Hotel.

Last night after cleaning the kitchen I grabbed the garbage, opened the back door, stepped out into the dark and splashed to the garbage can.  It hadn’t rained and I hadn’t turned any sprinklers on, but I went to the side of the house and checked the tap.  It was off.  So, why was my yard under 4 inches of water?

Amobea — of course — was at band practice.  I checked the inside toilets.  I checked the washer and the water heater.  All fine.  I grabbed a flashlight, came back out and shined it under our house.  One concrete pad, clean and dry.  So why was our front yard under water?

I reached in my pocket and dug out my cell phone.  I called the landlord and got no answer.  I was about to dial Amoeba when I saw our neighbor man — the one who helped our landlord fix the washer.  I yelled, “Don, my front yard is flooding and I don’t know why.”

Don immediately ran across the street, pulled a penlight from his pocket, got down on his hands and knees in the puddle and looked under the house.  Then he looked up at me with  frown on his face. “It’s dry!”

“I know,” I said. “But that puddle your in is running water.  Look at it.”  We both shone our flashlights on the puddle.  There, in the crossing light beams, we could see a fresh crack in the sidewalk and bubbles of water rising out of it.  Don went to tclose the main water valve.  I placed a phone call to Amoeba.

So, this weekend we are Waikiki tourists.  I took some great pics this morning.  I’ll be sharing them with you as soon as I’m home and no longer hijacking someone else’s wifi.  In the meantime, have fun.  We’re going to!