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  1. forgot
    snot often i know what day it is
    while you guys were high and dry
    i was getting rained on
    all day
    feet soaking wet by 8am
    made me lose track
    .-= tilden´s last blog .. =-.

  2. Glad to hear you’re back in –does this mean you’re expecting the water back on tomorrow?

    My husband and I are always debating city v. country, and I must admit that in this instance city would win; when our water went out there was no hotel to go to, and no neighbour to throw us a hose! Enjoy your bucket and good luck getting your water back.

    Thom’s comment makes me sad. Something tells me he’ll miss you. (I’ll sit back now and wait for his manly ‘pffft’)

    1. Susan — we have a hose strung from the neighbor’s house. I’ve drug it in the back door and right now it’s in the bathtub. After using the toilet we fill the tank. Last night I boiled water to do dishes and this morning Amoeba bathed in a bucket. Later I plan to put the garden nozzle on the hose and try to take a shower — in cold water!

  3. I am getting caught up on your posts. Ok, so you are home. It is now Sunday eve. here and I am wondering if you have water yet?? Seems like you are taking this all very well.
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..One Lovely Blog =-.

    1. It is Sunday evening. No water yet, and nobody has even come over to look at it today. We have a hose running from the neighbor’s house. All water is carried to the kitchen in pots, pans or buckets. The toilet tank we fill directly.

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