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Waikiki Is Going to The Birds

All I can say about Friday, our first day in Waikiki, is that it was totally for the birds!  There we were, walking down Kalakaua Avenue on our way to lunch and we came across these:

Waikiki parakeets
Two Parakeets in Waikiki

Their wings are clipped. They couldn’t fly so someone had to put them in that bush, which was in a planter, which sat in the middle of a busy Waikiki Sidewalk in front of a row of busy Waikiki Shops.

Parakeet finger

Amoeba said he doubted they’d stay there very long. The reason he said that was because no one emerged from the shops to watch or question us when Amoeba reached down and picked up one of the birds for a better photo op.


We continued our stroll and a couple of blocks later we encountered this lady:

parrott lady
A woman on Kalakaua Street in Waikiki. She has a Macaw on her shoulder and a Eclectus Parrot on her wrist.

She made Amoeba very happy. Can you tell?

Amoeba & parrots
Amoeba & Feathered Friends.

The blue bird is a Macaw. The white bird is a Cockatoo. The green bird is an Eclectus Parrot.

Me & parrots
My Feathered Friends & I.

I also held the pretty birds.

Us & parrots
Amoeba & I with 3 Feathered Friends

And we held the pretty birds together and the nice Bird Lady took our photo — and my $10.00 bill. 😉


  1. psst, that’s a female parakeet. They have pinkish or brownish nostrils and the males have blue tones… unless of course they are very young, but then it would be a purplish shade until they matured.

    1. T, the ceres on both birds were almost lavender. From that, their size, and their behavior, I reckoned they were juveniles, far too early to call “cock” or “hen”, barely old enough to be on display in Waikiki.
      .-= the amoeba´s last blog ..Dude and Dude: Drip Dry =-.

    2. Tina — on my monitor the cere color is very clearly lavender, but such things differ from screen to screen. Amoeba was very unhappy that these babies were just left out like that unprotected, especially since they also seemed to be rather unsure on their feet and pretty much stayed where they were put. The one Amoeba picked up did not want to be returned to the bush.

      1. I’d go back today and if they are still there, I’d assume them abandoned and take them home. Little white birds like that have no chance blending in and hiding from predators…

        1. T — yes, that was partially why Amoeba was upset. And we can’t bring them home, our lease specifically says “no birds”.

          1. did you tell the bird lady you took pics with about them? if you did, it’s likely she went to look for them…

          2. No, Tina. We didn’t. I assume whoever left them in the bush went back and got them — if someone more compassionate hadn’t already walked off with them.

  2. Ya got of cheap if ya ask me. Only $10.00. They’d have to pay me to get one of those on me LOL. Great photos Q. You wanna see birds…go to Kapiolani Park…pffft…pigeons galore
    .-= Thom´s last blog ..Two Awards =-.

  3. What a way to make money with your pets! They are beautiful birds and great shots! We had a parakeet long time ago, but then decided to stick with cats.
    .-= Lew´s last blog ..Little red shed =-.

  4. You do look a bit skeptical but besides that, love the pics 😀
    10 Dollars? That’s quite steep.
    Then again, I haven’t asked what the guys here want for camel photos 😉

    1. Nicole, the birds on my wrists are HEAVY and they took their own sweet time trying to figure out how to use my camera and take a picture of me!

        1. Oh! As to the price — there were 2 of us and we took about a half hour of her time. We thought $10.00 was fair and these birds are very expensive to keep.

  5. The parakeets break my heart. I’m with Amoeba on that one.

    The bigger birds are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    For a fun read: The Parrot Who Owns Me by Joanna Burger.
    .-= Southlakesmom´s last blog ..Visual Pun #3 =-.

    1. Mumma — even if our lease didn’t forbid it, we are short term here. And those parakeets DID belong to someone. We just don’t know who!

  6. I love these photos — beautiful! The one of both of you and the birds is my favourite; absolutely worth $10 if you ask me! My sister used to keep parakeets and they always loved being held and cuddled. I guess it beat sitting in the cage playing with a jingle bell and swing.

    You do look just a BIT nervous in your ‘birds’ portrait! Were you more afraid of bites or poo? LOL

    1. Susan — I like the photo of us with the birds as well. AND, I’m not nervous, I am strained. I had been holding my arms up with those heavy birds on them for several minutes and my muscles were complaining.

  7. OOoh! I finally get to see a current photo of you AND since I’m a fairly new reader, a picture of your Amoeba! All photos are wonderful, but that last one (of the 2 of you together) is indeed priceless. ♥ I’d say it was well worth $10. 🙂

    I do feel sorry for those little birds with clipped wings. I certainly wouldn’t want MY wings to be clipped.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Confession Time =-.

    1. Karen — the birds photos is a current pic of me on an ordinary day. My comment gravatar is a current photo of me when I dress up. As you can see there’s little difference ….

    1. Gigi — oh my! I can tell that really upset you since you shared it twice. I can’t believe somebody would do something like that! We talked about getting birds and keeping them in the carport. Now I am glad we didn’t do it!

    1. Dr. John — Amoeba used to have a Conure and would like another. He wants one hand yeared that he can continue to train. The birds in these photos were very friendly and well behaved. The green one wanted to kiss me.

  8. They are so beautiful and vibrant in color! I have a Florida friend who has a Makaw and a Cockatoo. They live for a very long time! The photo of you and Amoeba is one for the wall, don’t you think?
    .-= Church Lady´s last blog ..One Lovely Blog =-.

    1. Church Lady — Amoeba and I have another photo which I didn’t post, that shows us holding the birds and facing one another. We kept it as special for us.

    1. Barbara — there are very few photos of Amoeba and I together. That’s because one or the other of us usually has the camera!

  9. Wow! WOW!
    I’m late (again) but so glad I scrolled down. Fabulous shots and I it is great to see you two together! What a handsome couple you make. ;0)
    Those birds are the most beautiful colours. Isn’t God just so magnificent in his creations?
    Thanks for sharing this.
    .-= Thumbelina´s last blog ..authorblog’s Sunday Roast =-.

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