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I am still looking for a way to get the college courses I need to keep my teaching certification current without giving up the next several months of my life to do so.  I think I just found the perfect through online college courses!  I can complete course materials and study on my schedule — and the schools are fully accredited.

Once we move to Friday Harbor I won’t have to be traipsing out in the wet and cold, or worrying about the Ferry Schedules.  My college classes will come to me at my computer desk — and I can do them at my convenience!  That means if Amoeba has a concert or a field trip, or if there’s an afterschool event, I don’t have to skip class or miss an activity.  With a little rearranging of my schedule I can manage both!

Plus, online college courses are generally more budget friendly than traditional classes.  I won’t have to pay for facility maintenance and management.  Not only that, there’s no lugging heavy books all over campus or showing up to class only to learn it has been moved to the otherside of campus or worse, postponed all together.

For me one of the really great things about having an online class is emailing my homework in.  No more running out of printer ink at an inopportune moment.  No more running out of printer paper.  No more trying to find pens, pencils or erasers!  (I have never misplaced my keyboard in the bottom of my book bag!)

Plus, one can do an online class anywhere there is internet.  That means if I decide to take a road trip mid-class, all I need to keep up with my studies is accommodations with internet connectivity — and that’s most any hotel in the civilized world! Thanks to the internet, I won’t have to rearrange my life to keep my education current.

If you’ve been considering going back to college, this just might be the way to do so.  You can tailor your classes to meet your needs, your schedule, and your time frame.   It isn’t necessary anymore to put life on hold while getting an education.


  1. That’s a very good idea ! I wouldn’t want to go back to school for nothing ! I have always hated school and the teachers, and I probably haven’t changed. such an online school would be suitable for me too ! Your moving approaches ! You certainly have quite a lot to do !

  2. I am taking an entire online degree, and while there’s many things I really like about it, there’s one thing you said that I’ve got to take issue with… It is NOT cheaper. In fact, it’s more than I’d be paying if I attended class in person at the same University, and CONSIDERABLY more than I’d be paying if I attended the local University.

    See, you are not paying for the buildings and maintenence, but the Universities make a LOT of money from “out-of-state” students. And when everyone could be not only out of state, but out of country, they lose significant sources of income. So, they tell you it costs more because of the technology and digitizing the course material, but much of that is hogwash. It’s because they are trying to make up for what they are losing in the real world.

    The flipside is that the local University- I could actually attend for free. They are doing a thing where if you qualify for ANY amount of Pell Grant, that is what your tuition is for the year. If you only qualify for a dollar in Pell Grants, then you pay a dollar tuition for the year. And you still get loans on top of that, to cover the rest of the fees. The problem is, attending the local University doesn’t work with my work schedule. So, I take the student loans and know that in the end, it will work out.

  3. Online colleges most def. are a great Bonus in today’s world.
    I am still saving to get my courses for Photography going though 😉

  4. ..
    This is a good idea, FOR YOU! Not for everyone. It takes disciplilne, a lot, to study and do the work. Most actuallly work harder than the on campus classes do. You are a very disciplined lady when it comes to completion of what you start.
    I taught a distance learning class (Introduction to Business) at our college before Al Gore had even invented the Internet. We had the course videos on Public TV in the middle of the night. I would make reading assignments and collect homework. They had to come on campus to take the midterm an final exams. Our drop rate was almost 50% for all the distant learning courses, mine was generally a little lower.
    I did a semester study on development of an On-line Business Law class for us. But the ‘guru’ who already had a class had an idiotic ideo of the execution techniques. That executed the deal for me and I declined to go any further.

  5. Amanda & Hector are both getting their degrees on line!

    Tell Amoeba that DC has learned MUCH since Marion Barry — they’ve even learned not to elect cocaine addicts to be mayor! But they still have a bunch of idiots who want to get out in 15 inches of with a single wheel drive vehicle and clog up the roads!

  6. Isn’t it marvelous? This past summer I applied to WVU’s online degree program; what’s great about that is not only do I get to do my coursework from home, but I live close enough that I can go enjoy their huuuuge state-of-the-art recreation centre like any other student. Oooh I can’t wait.

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