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Dude and Dude: De Part Tour

“Dude! You started packing yet?”

“I dibs the new stuff.”


“I said, dude, ‘I dibs the new stuff’.”

“Yeah, right. And who said you were giving the orders?”

You did, dude.”

“Like when?”

“Like just a few seconds ago.”


“Not. You called me the Pack King. Just now, when you asked me when I was going to start my reign.”

“Oh fer cryin’ … I hate to rain on your royal robes, Your Highness, but we’ve been makin’ Hawai‘i pay these last three years. We ain’t got much new stuff.”

“Well, if you think I’m going to lug age, dude, you can think again.”

“Breaking news, dude.”


“You ain’t what you used to be, either. But you’re still doin’ your fair share. Start fillin’ this.”

“What is it?”

“Your carry-on bag, dude.”

Yech! Du-uuude! You can’t take that on the plane! It’ll stink!

“Of course it stinks, dude. I just bought it. What the hell’s gotten into you?”

“No, dude, what’s happenin’ to you? You turn into some kind of vulture or somethin’, needing to stuff rotting steaks into a carrion bag?!?”

“Dude. You comin’ with us?”

“Whaddaya mean? I got my ticket and everything.”

“Yeah, but I’m worried about the smell.”

What smell?”

“The smell that comes from you’re being a meathead, dude!”


    1. I used to like it too, Cherie. At least until I learned that the fumes can make you stranger. My “friends” tell me that I’m already strange enough, thanks.

    1. “Washington, dude?”

      “Yeah. What about it?”

      “But, dude! Washington? The place will clean us out!

      “‘Bout time you had a bath, dude. Of course, you do have a choice. Go on. Make Tilden’s day.”

      “Lemme guess, dude … control-X.”

      “You sure you don’t want an Apple, dude?”

    1. Mocha, I don’t care how tired they are. I catch the Dudes leering at anyone, they’ll have to answer to me.

  1. Oh boy. Now every time I travel I’ll be thinking of “carrion bags” and you know that’s NOT going to help my fear of flying at all!

    I can’t believe it’s this close you guys — but I hope you have a safe and happy flight over the big Pacific on Tuesday!
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..Time to Say Goodbye =-.

    1. “Hey dude!”


      “What do they call it when you line up to get on the plane, you know, first class first, then the frequent fliers and all these other perky people, and then everyone else?”

      “That’s easy, dude.”

      “What, then?”

      “It’s the packing order.”

  2. .
    Quilly, how long have you two been married? This isn’t honeymoon talk!
    You could save the bag for fish bait. Cut it into smaller pieces first. Those crabs around Friday Ferry will come investigate the stink. Then pickem up in your net. When you run out of that then use fried chicken.
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..One Single Impression: Indurated =-.

    1. Honeymoon talk?!?

      “Dude. I didn’t know you …”

      “Ah, shaddap. This guy’s got us confused with He and She. Sheesh. I ain’t no girl. You ain’t either. I think.”

      “That’s a first.”

      “What is?”

      “You thinking. Don’t go hating on this guy, eh? Especially not with your mouth full of crab.”

    1. Karen, there’s gotta be a place for that in all the vampire ‘n’ werewolf stories out there these days. Happy belated blogiversary, by the way.

    1. “You seen a tennis match lately, dude?”

      “No, dude. But then again, people don’t smoke anymore, so I’m not surprised.”

      “People don’t smoke …”

      “Dude! You didn’t know? You wanted a smoke while playing tennis, you needed a tennis match. While playing golf, a golf match. People got fed up with mistakenly taking badminton matches to the soccer stadium and being unable to light up. So they quit.”

      “You’re just blowin’ smoke, ain’t you, dude …”

  3. ROFLMBO!!! Oh nooooo…. no no no…. the dudes mussssssssst go to Washington! But I DO feel sorry for the stewards and stewardesses! I’m sure they’ll be fiiiiiine once they get to Friday Harbor though. Or is that Friday Ferry? LOL!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Hair… and things… =-.

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