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Purchasing Groceries On the Internet

This is a guest post by Candy Taylor:

When I lived in Seattle, I loved to shop for my groceries at Shopping online saved me time and money. My hughes net satellite internet was a huge reason for why I loved to shop on the internet, with it being faster than the other internet services I had. I did almost all of my shopping on the web as we were so busy and frankly didn’t enjoy shopping in big crowds. would send me coupons weekly and I almost never paid shipping for them to deliver my food. The website didn’t charge tax either, so each week would save me the seven or eight percent in tax I would spend at the store. I didn’t have to spend gas or time to travel to the store, so it was the best and most economical way for our family to get groceries.

The selection at was so good that I could purchase exactly what I did when I shopped at the walk-in store. I was also able to leave notes by each item that I purchased and check a box if I wanted a substitute or not if it wasn’t in stock. There were sometimes that I would have to run to a store and get an item or two that they didn’t deliver because they were out of stock, but a few minutes is better than a few hours of time shopping.

Now that I live in a smaller area I miss shopping for groceries online and can’t wait to get back to a bigger city where that is possible. It amazed me how many people didn’t know that they could have groceries delivered to them. I think the idea is great not only does it help the environment but it also gives families more time to spend doing the things they enjoy.


  1. I’ve always been hesitant to try this because I’m so picky about produce. Any comments from ones with experience?

    Also, we mostly shop at the commissary on base, so that lets us out too…

    1. Kelley — I have a handicapped friend who shops this way all the time. They always send the best and she can decline anything she doesn’t approve of.

  2. This came around here about 10 years ago, and I think it completely BOMBED. I’ve never heard another word about it since then. I never used it because I don’t want someone else choosing my meat and produce for me… Of course, we DO have Schwann’s delivery in the area – and THEY are very popular — could be another reason why didn’t make it here… but I’ve never used Schwann’s either.

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