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The Elephant in The Room

As you can see we have a house guest.  This is Ella Phlint.  Some of you know her already.  She comes to us via Melli, her permanent guardian.  Ella travels about the world meeting Melli’s blogging friends in person since Melli can’t.  Ella stayed with Amoeba and me in Hawaii.  She stayed with Thom in Hawaii.  And she visited Susan in Ireland.  Because she knew most of us already, I asked Melli if Ella could come to our blogger gathering.

Ella arrived about the same time the new love seat was being delivered.  She climbed up, sat down in the middle of it and declared it hers.  I tried to explain that we didn’t buy it for her, but she can’t think of any other reason it would have arrived the same time she did.  Coincidence apparently isn’t a word elephants understand.

The couch looks just like the love seat except, of course, it’s a little bit bigger.  Since it is bigger, Ella has said Amoeba and I may share it.  I told her that when Thom, Susan [et al], and Sylvia arrive on the 14th she will be sharing, too.  Ella said that she will share with Susan and the kids, but Thom is going to have to find somewhere else to sit.  She has not yet met Sylvia, but Ella says if Sylvia is as nice as Susan, she will share with her, too.


  1. Too cute haha! I’ve seen Ella before 🙂 Can’t afford the shipping cost to host her, but that’s okay, she looks quite at home over their on your love seat anyway :p Very adorable!

          1. Well I don’t know how you get that out of what she said under my comment. Ella said nothing LOL in that comment

  2. ” … champagne in one hand, a cigarette in the other, ‘Who’s in charge here?'” She starts spouting off ‘Who’s the ugly guy?’, I’ll give that phlinty pachyderm cos for concern, I will.

    1. Amoeba — Ella seems to be just a bit intimidated by you. And if Thom gives her champagne and cigarettes he’s in big trouble!

  3. Lovely love seat.

    Oh, you are going to have such a party. Can’t wait to hear and see about it.

    Are Ella and Thom related?

  4. I bet Ella is very excited to be at your house. And to meet so many bloggers in one place. It will be a blast, I´m sure!

    1. Granny Annie — not always. She had a long time and was tired and cranky. After a bit of Huckleberry Ice Cream and a nap, she was better.

  5. Big hugs to Ella from us, and congratulations on the lovely loveseat! I’ll let the kids know NOT to steal her stuff (again – sigh) and if she suddenly goes missing, at least we know where to check, after Thom’s comment — poor girl —

  6. I passed on the news to the kids — F asks that Ella please not make “her noise”. (Someone picked her up wrong one day, she squealed, and he never forgot it…. *sigh*)

  7. It’s good to see Ella again and know she’s doing well.
    Can’t wait to see all the new adventures at the gathering.
    Nice loveseat!

    1. Carletta — I think a lot of people who aren’t coming to the gathering are looking forward to it as much as the folks who are!

  8. NOOOOOOOOO CHAMPAIGN AND CIGARETTES!!! Jeezy peezy! It took me FOREVER to get those cigarette stains off her tusks!!! (and no grape juice either…) Especially not near the LOVESEAT! I sure can’t afford to replace THAT!

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