Ella Reads

I was not feeling well yesterday — horrid headache — and could barely take care of myself.  I had no energy to watch Ella.  I was certain she would get into some horrific trouble.  At one point I heard her out romping on the deck and trying to catch the Hummingbirds.  I figured that meant the end of my garden, expecting whatever she hadn’t eaten to be trampled.  Imagine my surprise when everything was just as I left it.

Ella said, “Why would I want to eat vegetables when you had rhubarb jelly?”  Since Amoeba loves the rhubarb jelly, I feared Ella had just worn out her welcome, but she didn’t eat much of that, either.  I am missing a half-box of ice creams bars, though.  I mentioned that to Ella and she shrugged and said she might have eaten one or two, but certainly no more than six.

Then I went into my office and found my computer on and the web page for online stock trading.  My credit card was right there beside it.  I was immediately worried.  I figured that she’d given my investment portfolio a whole new look and I’d own stock in a half-dozen peanut farms in Georgia.  Ella swears the computer is exactly the way I left it.  In fact, she said she spent most of yesterday on the couch.

I was immediately worried.  Was she sick?  I checked and she had no fever.  That’s when she reached behind the couch pillow and pulled out my book!  I said, “Hey, I’m reading that!”

Ella had my copy of Chosen Ones from the Aedyn Chronicles by Alister McGrath. She opened the book and settled back against the pillows. “You snooze, you loose,” she said. “Now you will just have to wait until I finish.”   I was going to argue when it dawned on me that reading would keep her out of trouble while I install a padlock on the freezer and hide my credit cards!


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The Elephant in The Room

As you can see we have a house guest.  This is Ella Phlint.  Some of you know her already.  She comes to us via Melli, her permanent guardian.  Ella travels about the world meeting Melli’s blogging friends in person since Melli can’t.  Ella stayed with Amoeba and me in Hawaii.  She stayed with Thom in Hawaii.  And she visited Susan in Ireland.  Because she knew most of us already, I asked Melli if Ella could come to our blogger gathering.

Ella arrived about the same time the new love seat was being delivered.  She climbed up, sat down in the middle of it and declared it hers.  I tried to explain that we didn’t buy it for her, but she can’t think of any other reason it would have arrived the same time she did.  Coincidence apparently isn’t a word elephants understand.

The couch looks just like the love seat except, of course, it’s a little bit bigger.  Since it is bigger, Ella has said Amoeba and I may share it.  I told her that when Thom, Susan [et al], and Sylvia arrive on the 14th she will be sharing, too.  Ella said that she will share with Susan and the kids, but Thom is going to have to find somewhere else to sit.  She has not yet met Sylvia, but Ella says if Sylvia is as nice as Susan, she will share with her, too.

Ella & The Tofurkey & Gravy Soda

Ella took a sip of the Jones Tofurkey & Gravy Soda, declared it tasty, then drained the bottle.


Luckily everyone else at the dinner table already had their taste. I took their photographs, too, but you’ll have to stay tuned for that post. I just returned from Amoeba’s Black Friday concert (yes, I’ll be posting about that soon, too!) and Thom will be here any moment. He and I are going shopping together this afternoon. That’ll be fun, won’ it?

Ella’s Pool Party

OC and I were invited to a pool party.  Of course we took Ella along even though her name wasn’t on the invitation.  In true Ella fashion, she became the party.  Within minutes the hostess and all the other guests were besotted with her.

When we first arrived, Ella stretched out to sunbathe.

Though Ella issued no complaints, out hostess began to fuss about the lack of Ella sized accommodations.  One of the male guests promptly hurried to the pool shed and returned with ….

... an Ella sized chair.

... an Ella-sized chair. AND an Ella-sized lemonade.

However, Ella isn't one for lounging long, and soon she was in the pool.