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There’s a Monster in The Shower

I opened the shower door the other day to step inside and found some weird, hairy creature huddled by the drain.  I slammed the shower door and ran for the light switch.   Our bathroom is very light and I seldom turn the in-shower light on, but this was a special occasion.

Light on, I cautiously approached the shower stall and peered through the glass door.  The creature was motionless.  Was it dead?  Would death make it any less dangerous?  Ever so slowly I opened the shower door, all the while watching the creature.  If it so much as quivered I was out of there.

The light was on, the shower door stood open wide, and the thing hadn’t moved.  I just wished I could see it better without getting closer.  That’s when it dawned on me to put my glasses back on.  Without taking my eyes off the immobile lump of fur, I felt the bathroom counter behind me until I found my glasses.  I put them on and … realized I was cowering from a huge lump of Amoeba hair.

Amoeba sheds.  It is not something either of us are enjoying.  Amoeba is afraid of losing his manly good-looks.  Personally, I will love him whether he has hair or not, but I am getting tired of having to shave the bathroom every week.



  1. So what you are really saying is that the balder the man the more manly he is.

    I thought for sure you were going to tell us it was Amoeba cowering by the drain in the shower and I guess I was sort of right.

    1. Betty — this explicitly says it is not for women. I do know there are such things for women though. Ask your doctor.

  2. Aawww, poor guy. And poor you, on cleanup duty! LOL

    If it were a common thing in women, I don’t know how I’d handle losing my hair. So much about it helps make up our personal style and identity…can’t be easy to just lose it. I’m glad to see there’s remedies these days.

  3. Art is losing a lot of hair, too. This is so weird because he always had a TON of hair. I never had to worry about cutting his hair because he had so much of it to cover my mistakes. No more…

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