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Support Your Local Economy

I love the net and you all know I am into internet shopping, but that said, when we can Amoeba and I prefer to support our local businesses. Happily, I have discovered an online search engine that actually helps me shop right here on the island. I just did a search of the local restaurants and discovered three that Amoeba and I haven’t checked out yet. Two of them have been rated by customers and given 4.5 out of 5 stars.  They sound promising.  One of them has only a half of a star.  That sounds scary!

Using is like searching the local yellow pages, only better.  In the yellow pages one only learns what the business owner wants one to know.  At I can read the business owner’s ad, see customer ratings, get driving directions and more. combines the best of the best and provides all the info available from,,, and  What used to take 4 different search engines now takes only one.

Next time you’re looking for something specific — or maybe even next time you’re looking for something new and different, do a local search using  Who knows what you might find in your own neighborhood?  For instance, Amoeba and I have been under the impression there were no pizza places here on the island, but I just found four!  Now I have so go check each of them out and see if we can get delivery!


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